When it comes to getting a great sleep, most people want it, but they don't do anything to help actually achieve it. A great example of this is the proliferation of electronics in the bedroom. Televisions, phones, and tablet computers are everywhere in the bedroom these days. More than that, many bed frames have been specially constructed to actually support these devices.

All of this leads to a terrible sleep. That in turn negatively affects your productivity, your health, and so much more.

You need to add something special to your bed. It's very similar to when you were a kid and your Mom put on a new set of sheets. If you were anything like me, you probably looked forward to jumping into bed with the fresh set of sheets and that fresh smell. Well you can do that again with some luxury bedding.

This works so well, because most people don't really know what they are sleeping on. Not only that but the bedding they think is luxury is probably actually hurting their sleep. A great example of this is really high thread count cotton sheets. Most people are much better off with cotton sheets that have a thread count of about 400 or so.

The one bedding that you should really try is silk bedding. This is completely unique and lots of people have a strange view on sleeping on silk. However, it does a few things that help you sleep really well. The biggest one of these is it's ability to breath really well. Not to mention the luxury feel.

It's that luxury feel that will make you really look forward to going to bed. Just like when you were a kid. That excitement might be enough to get you in bed a little early and maybe you will just enjoy laying down and you'll ignore all those electronics.

Other types of luxury bedding that you should consider are bamboo sheets. There are different and it's really good to know about them. These days you also have a new type of bedding that includes spandex and nylon. I am not a big fan of these but if they help you sleep then that is always a really good thing. The biggest key you want to look for and that really makes a set of sheets luxury is it's breathability factor.

I'll write a lot more about silk in particular for bedding plus more about luxury bedding. Try getting a set of something that makes you excited about your bed. That is a great first step in beginning to look at your sleep differently.

Source by Lisa Evens