A new survey reveals that salon hygiene has always been and important. Despite the fact, close to seventy-two ladies and fifty-seven gents have reported that many of the towels that are used in salons are found tumbled. And that's not all-shockingly thirteen percent of the surveyed people state that many of them are even smelly.

And for that reason, it has become so important that you take very good care of your salon towels. However, taking care of your green, orange, white, or black salon towels is easier said than done. Which is why, we're prompted to share the tips as to how you can care for them.

Hang towels wisely

While hanging salon towels (to dry them), you'll have to ensure that you're using one hook to hang one towel. The towel's quality can get ruined if you'll do it otherwise. Generally, people prefer using the best towel bars to hang them. If, however, you've decided to use one single hook to hang two washed towels, the moisture gets trapped within the fabrics; and trapped moisture is one of the best places that promote bacterial growth.

Wash them often

If your salon has got a stinky towel set, it hasn't been washed in a while. In general, you should try laundering each towel after it's been used three times. (However, the same washing schedule doesn't apply when you're referring to a towel that is used in your bathrooms; it needs to be washed every now and then.)

Don't use that same towel again and again

You must be thinking that if you'll follow a stringent laundry schedule, you'll run short of the towel supply (because, ideally, you shouldn't use the same towel all the time). However, the situation can be averted if you'll maintain their healthy stock in the salon. You should have at least four sets (of three towels each) if you wish facing any shortages. By doing so, you'll prevent the towels from being washed a lot many times. (Less use and less washing will mean that the towel will last longer.)

Avoid washing the towels in hot water

Never ever wash a towel using hot water. And even if you wish washing the begrimed ones using hot water (as it can kill the germs faster), you'll have to check whether the towel's fabric can withstand hot temperature or not.

Now, after this discussion, you're well aware that how you'll go about taking care of your towels.

Source by Charle Brown