I stayed at the Hilton last night and slept like a baby. The pillow was so comfortable. It molded to my head and supported my neck all night. The whole experience made me wonder why my pillows are all flat. In fact, I have to buy new pillows every year because they lose their shape so quickly. I had to find out what made the hotel pillow so superior.

I started by examining the hotel pillow. It had a feather inner core surrounded by a 700 fill power White Goose Down, whatever that means. So, I went to the computer and did a little research. First of all, the higher the fill power, the higher the quality of the pillow. A pillow with an 800 fill power will be the most resilient and last the longest while maintaining the same level of support for many years. Did you catch that, for many years. A good quality pillow should have at least a 600 fill power. Now, to purchase a high power filled pillow with goose down you are looking at anywhere between forty and one hundred dollars. Which seems crazy, right? Maybe. I needed to do some more research.

Next, I looked at the pillows I use home. I always buy those cheap Walmart pillows made with the polyester fiber fill. It doesn't even list the power fill, probably because it's so low. No wonder it goes flat so fast. Besides the fact that it is filled with polyester fiber opposed to goose down and it has no inner core. However, you can purchase two jumbo pillows for less than fifteen dollars or a body pillow for under twenty. But, they are low quality and go flat so is it worth it?

Now the big question is why the Hilton, and I am sure other hotels, provide such expensive pillows to their customers. Why not but the cheap pillows? Well think about it. A quality pillow with 800 fill power will last for many years. I found some products that claim they will keep their form for up to fifteen years. If that is so, hotels only need to invest in new pillows every ten year or so, instead of yearly, besides the fact that the quality pillows are so much more comfortable which is great for customer relations and business.

At this point of my research and thought process I started hitting myself. Get a clue. No more Walmart pillows. No more polyester fiber fill or set of jumbo pillows for under fifteen dollars. No more replacing pillows every year. I'm buying an expense goose down, 800 fill power pillow that will last a decade. Can't wait.

Source by Karlie Philpott