When you are staying in any hotel, whether it is a luxurious resort or a highway motel, you might have noticed that the sheets, pillowcases and bath towels are almost always white.

The experience of drying yourself off with a white and fluffy bath towel and slipping between soft, clean, perfectly white sheets to drift off to sleep is one that many people associate with staying in a hotel. You might be wondering, why would a hotel always use white sheets and towels? What are the reasons behind this?

There are actually several reasons why many hotels, guesthouses and bed and breakfasts use white bath towels, sheet and other linens. Here are a few of the main advantages to going all white:

White Linens are Interchangeable

In the hotel, all the linens can be washed together and it doesn't matter which bed they are put back on. If one towel or bed sheet becomes damaged or worn out, it can be easily replaced with another without making any difference in the feeling of the room. This could not be done if each room had differently coloured linens.

They Are Easier to Wash

Hotel sheets and towels are washed very frequently, which is a good thing because you don't want to be sleeping on the last guest's dirty sheets! White linens are very easy to get clean because the hotel can simply bleach them on a very high temperature setting. There is no need to worry about colours running or fading or fancy fabrics being damaged. With the hot water and bleach treatment, all of the bath towels, sheets and pillowcases will come up looking like new.

White Linens Match Everything

Hotel room decor is usually understated and elegant, designed to appeal to broad tastes and to create a calm and soothing atmosphere. One of the reasons that hotels use white sheets and towels is that they are a neutral colour that will match with everything else in the room. The hotel can then use throw pillows or a pretty knit blanket over the bed for a splash of colour. The decor of the room can be changed according to style, but white will always be timeless and never go out of style.

White Linens Always Look Clean

When guests enter a hotel, they want the room to look as clean and pristine as possible. With a dark coloured sheet, it is more difficult to see stains and dirt and so guests might not feel like the hotel is very clean. With a bright white perfectly spotless sheet, they can be reassured that the hotel is as clean as possible because the white fabric shows off every single little stain and spot of dirt. This gives guests a feeling of trust that the hotel has nothing to hide and that they are following proper hygienic procedures.

These are just a few of the reasons why bright white linens are used in so many hotels around the world.


Source by Luke Baly