Effort, money, and time – parents are willing to spend all of these for their baby's comfort and happiness. Crib bedding is a very important factor when it comes to an infant's comfortable sleep. Rest and relaxed sleep are crucial for a child's wellbeing and health development. Therefore, picking secure and comfortable crib bedding is essential. A baby bedding set includes crib, sheets, pillows, quilts, and blankets/comforters. Smart, secure designs and delightful colors give new meaning to your little one's comfort. However, many choices often result in a compromised purchase also. Therefore, ensure certain quality guidelines when picking crib bedding products for your child.

Quality Requirement for Baby Bedding

Quality Trade-off: Make sure you do not compromise quality for price. Refrain from anything unusually cheap or discounted. Go for reputable brands, which are considered the hallmark of safety and quality.

Material: Natural fibers, such as high quality, porous, soft cotton, or brushed flannelette are ideal for baby products. These fibers are durable, while being safe and soft for the baby's skin. In addition, the layers of such natural fibers help provide the comfortable warmth to your little one.

Bumper: If your baby is active and playful, line the inside of his/her crib with fine quality crib bumper pads. These pads protect the little one from getting hurt if they try fiddling around the crib's edges. Bumpers should be fastened to the cot with a minimum of 6 ties. To avoid the risk of injury, ties should be a maximum of 6 inches or 15 cm long.

Sheets: Crib sheets made of fleece, jersey knit/combed/toweling cotton, and acrylic are good as they absorb moisture. Percale weave is a preferable spin. They are very soft to the baby's skin, are easy to wash in the machine, and are fast to dry.

Waterproof Mattress: Crib mattresses are not easy to wash and therefore cannot be cleaned frequently. Buy waterproof mattresses so that they don't get wet readily and stay in shape for a long time. In addition, mattresses should provide proper body support to your baby. Innerspring or foam mattresses provide a good, firm base.

Quilts: When buying quilts make sure that the filling is hypoallergenic because babies are sensitive and even slight irritation can irritate them. Pick 100% cotton cover for the quilt. Cotton is soft on the baby's skin and is easy to wash and dry.

Crib: Since most cribs or any baby furniture is made of solid wood, it's important to take care of the following:

  • Paint/Polish:The cribs should have lead free polish.
  • Structure:For the safety of your little bundle of joy:

The corners of the cribs should be round.

The edges of the cribs should be smooth with nothing pointing out, loose, or worn out from anywhere. This helps prevent injury to the baby.

The slats of the crib should be closely arranged.

The rail height should be within the prevalent safety standards.

The crib should also have a stable base.

Source by Angelika Young