One of the easiest ways to change the look and feel of your bed is to buy a set of luxury sheets. Not only will you enjoy the touch of class and style these sheets bring to the decor of your bedroom, but their feeling against your skin can instantly relax your entire body and lead to a better nights sleep.

So what are some of the most popular styles of luxury bedding?

Some of the most sought after luxury bedding is Supima and Egyptian cotton. They are made from the best cotton available and both are extremely soft and stress resistant, even after dozens of washings. Both are known as extra long staple cottons, which means they are more absorbent and resist fading better than most other forms of cotton. Some popular manufacturers include Sferra Linens and Malouf Fine linen.

The most popular style is luxury Italian bedding. This is possibly the most expensive bedding you can find. Expect to pay a premium price for such lines as Frette, Alexandre Turpault, Zambaiti and Cottimaryanne. You will find such high end linens as cashmere, silk and sateen among their many lines.

Of course, the key to buying fine linen is to know exactly what to look for.

First you will want to measure the mattress to ensure that you know the exact size of the sheets you will need to buy. As an example, if you have a thicker bed, you may need deep pocket sheets.

Next, check the thread count of the sheets. The thread count simply means how many threads are in per square inch of the fabric. This will determine the softness and quality of the bed sheet. As a general rule, you will want bed sheets with a thread count higher than 300 for maximum quality. A high quality sheet can have upwards of a 600 count or even higher.

Finally, as a general rule, you will want to match the bed sheets in the same style and pattern as your bedroom curtains. This will give your bedroom decor a more complete and streamlined look.

Remember to keep the tips in this article in mind the next time you go shopping for new bedding, and remember most of all to have fun!

Source by William Jason