Designer bedding is a wonderful addition to any bedroom design, whether you have a traditional, cottage or modern space to work with. This type of bedding is created by known names, each one taking exceptional care to provide a quality linen that is made to last.

There are some factors to take into consideration when purchasing this type of linen. There are so many great options available, each one luxurious and elegant. They vary in colours, patterns and finishes, giving you the control to choose the one you feel is the best match for your overall bedroom design.

One of the main factors you may want to consider when purchasing designer bedding is the colours you choose. Bold colours are exceptionally popular, adding brightness and cheer to the bedroom place. The bedroom is your own oasis, a chance to allow your personality to shine through and many of the linen's available come in great bold and bright colours, helping you achieve this and more.

The top designers always recommend you layer your patterns when choosing designer bedding, this helps break the pattern by adding some texture to your overall design. Most of these linens come in florals and patterns, so you may want to choose a neutral and plain tone to mix in with them to create your space.

It is recommended that you choose the pattern wisely, ensure it blends into your bedroom design in terms of colour and pattern. Modern designs will benefit from a warm and luxurious design, while more traditional bedroom spaces can benefit from floral designs and cheerful patterns to brighten up the space.

Thread count is essential when purchasing designer bedding. Most people don't bother too much when buying any duvet set off the shelf in their local store, but once you start spending money on quality linen, you expect quality.

What makes this type of linen so luxurious and elegant is the thread count. A thread count should not be below two hundred, but around four hundred is preferred. This adds to the sophistication and luxurious of the linen once placed on your bed.

Look at the comfort of the designer bedding. This may sound obvious, but while you may be drawn to a particular style and name, you may find this linen isn't what you expected. Remember the bedroom should be a place of relaxation and sleep, if you aren't comfortable, you will struggle to sleep.

Some people love satin, while others prefer Egyptian cotton, the choice is yours. The great news is there are so many great options available you remain in complete control and can purchase high quality linen created by a top name which will be comfortable and just what you were looking for.

Durability is a very important factor to take into consideration when buying designer bedding. You will find this linen is slightly more expensive than your average options available in most stores. With this price tag comes comfort, luxury and durability.

You want your new linen to last. It should be made to the highest quality and you should be able to pick that up from the type of material used, the thread count and the stitching.

Once your new linen arrives, be sure to check it thoroughly. Check all the seams and any stitching, ensuring that it is durable and strong. If you feel it is not the quality you expected, return it immediately. Don't wait as many companies have a cut off time when it comes to returns.

If purchasing online, ensure you choose a reputable supplier where you know you will be receiving the authentic products on your doorstep.

Source by Matthew Fallon