If you have ever found yourself fighting for covers at night, then you can appreciate why an oversized comforter or super sized comforter would be a nice option to have. In the US, mattress sizes are pretty standardized and usually range in sizes shown below:

  • Twin 39″ x 75″
  • Twin XL 39″ x 80″
  • Full 54″ x 75″
  • Queen 60″ x 80″
  • King 76″ x 80″

Please note that olympic queens, split kings, and other specialty sizes are not covered here due to the smaller amount of beds sold in the USA.

Most mattresses are between and 12″ and 15″ these days with some peaking out at 22″ to 24″ high. Why do beds come in so many sizes? Of course there is a marketing story involved in addition to how some furniture makers utilize platform beds which may need higher-height mattresses in order to allow comfortable bed entry. In America, bigger is better, and this also applies to down and down-alternative comforters.

One of the most common complaints consumers have with comforters, blankets, and quilts is how small the items can be. This is because many retail stores have fixed retail prices at which to sell items, and manufacturers work backwards to hit those price points. Item sizes are cut smaller to save fabric, filling, and labor hours. As a result, it is very common that a queen-size comforter sold in stores is marked as full/queen, which is just a nice way of saying it is small and skimpy.

This smaller-size mania goes into king size bedding as well, and as a result many consumers upsize their bedding so that it fits better. So if someone has a queen bed, they buy the king size set on sale so that it fits. This works fine for queen-size bedding, but what if you have a king-size bed?

In US department stores a king comforter can range in size from 102″ x 86″ to 108″ x 98″ with the latter being called oversized. Generally speaking the 108″ x 98″ king-size comforter is oversized enough for most consumers. However, if you have a deep plush bed, or you are constantly having night time tug-of-war with the comforters, then you might want to consider large king sizes. A super king-size comforter can run between 116″ x 100″, 120″ x 98″, or 114″ x 118″. Sometimes the supersized comforters are called designer kings. These supersize king comforters are great because you get extra coverage without having to buy a custom-made comforter which can be very pricey.

One thing to consider when buying a super king is that you will need a duvet cover to fit the super-large comforter. Many bedding catalogs offer supersize duvets that fit the 116″ x 100″ size range, but most don't cover the larger super kings like 120″ x 98″ or 114″ x 118″.

Source by Stefan Hunter