Over the time, bathroom interiors have gained considerable amount of importance. A modern bathroom should not only be functional, but also aesthetic. Hence forth a lot of importance is placed nowadays on the bathroom fittings.

A bathroom can never be complete without towel bars. They are one of the most important bathroom accessories. Towel bars are bars to keep the towels. They are racks, usually hung on the wall, and are used to keep both dry and wet towels. Dry towels can be folded and kept in the bars so that they can be readily accessed. Wet towels can be spread over the bars for drying. This prevents wet towels from becoming soggy and the subsequent growth of molds on them. Towel bars are usually made of metal and they have a chrome, nickel, brass or bronze plating to prevent rusting. Towel bars come in two sizes. One is 18 inches (45.72 cm)long and the other is 24 inches(60.96 cm) long. The eighteen inches one is used to hang hand towels and they are placed either near the bathroom sink or in the kitchen. The longer bar, that is the twenty four inches one is used to hang body towels and are placed in the bathrooms. Towel bars also come in single bar and double bar designs.

Towel bars are very simple in terms of their structure. They usually consist of a rod, suspended a few inches from the wall, which is held on the two sides by two posts. The posts are the holders for the rod and they are screwed to the wall.

While fixing the bars on the wall, it is extremely important to keep in mind that the bar should be fixed properly. Fixing the bar to the wall firmly is important, not only because wet towels are heavy, but also because people often tend to use towel bars as handholds. Hence it is not only about the weight of the wet towels, but also human body weight. The posts should be fixed properly. In an ideal scenario, the posts should be nailed to the wooden boards that are usually hidden behind the dry wall. In case that kind of a facility is not available, towel bars should be fixed with the help of a wall anchor. Quite often, towel bars are first fixed to a sturdy board and then the board is fixed to the wall for extra support.

Sometimes, they are also fixed with the help of a pre-fixed bracket. Two brackets are fixed to the wall with help of two screws each. Then the two posts of the towel bar are fixed on these brackets with single screws. This not only makes the towel bar firmly attached to the wall, but also, the bar can be taken off and changed at any point of time quite easily.

Besides the towel bar, there are a few options available for use. One can use the standing towel rack, that usually is a rack that stands on the ground and hence one is saved from the entire issue of getting the rack fixed to the wall. Another option is the towel ring, which is a ring that is fixed to the wall and the towel in hung from the ring. A third option is a towel warmer that looks like a ladder. Towels, hung on it are dried by the heat generated from the warmer.

Now go ahead and choose the one that you find to be convenient. To begin your hunt for the perfect towel rack, start by searching over the internet. You will get to see the catalogs of various bathroom accessories. Choose according to your budget and your need. Go ahead, make your bathroom stylish and functional with the perfect bathroom fittings and then finish off with accessories complementing the rest of the decor.

Source by Jennifer Akre