The perfect getaway will soothe our souls and relax our minds. The beauty of nature does just that and more. Let us think about the ocean. Close our eyes and let us hear the dark blue water crashing against the rocks. The sounds of the seagulls and the wind blowing in your hair is very relaxing but unfortunately many of us live in the big city and don't really get to experience the beauty of nature itself. Our hectic and busy lives leave us tired and full of anxiety. We need to create a peaceful atmosphere where we can learn to relax and learn to appreciate the beauty of life itself. In our homes, the bedroom can be our perfect peaceful oasis, making it look calming and inviting. It can be our ultimate getaway where we can escape and unwind from the stresses of the day. When preparing to create such peaceful oasis, we first need to get rid of all the clutter from the bedroom. Clutter is a major distraction and can you leave you feeling very overwhelmed and full of anxiety. Keep the items that product the greatest sense of tranquility and peace and get rid of those that have no meaning and just take up valuable space. Take the computer and television to another room.. Surround yourself with happy thoughts and use items that reflect happy thoughts for the decor. Beautiful scenery's, happy photos, candles and fresh flowers would do the trick.

Bring to the bedroom the soothe colors of nature. Paint the walls with the beautiful colors of the soft blues and greens which have a calming effect. Browns and taupes are also a great choice. Avoid dark colors. When choosing the right duvet bedding, make it simple but comfortable. The color and style of the duvet cover should be that of nature. Floral duvet covers are perfect, making sure the backdrop of the duvet cover is white. You don't want to get too overwhelmed with too many colors. Throw in a couple of small pillows, in different shapes and colors that match the bedding. This will make the bed look more inviting. The bedding should be made of 100% cotton. Cotton is very comfy. Last, window treatments should be light and flowing. The flow of the drapes blowing in the wind is very relaxing. The drapes should be light in order to let in enough sun light to the bedroom. If there is not enough light in the room, add mirrors. Small rooms will seem larger and the mirrors will reflect more light into the room.

Source by Linda Aviles