If you have had the bad experience of staining your underwear due to blood from the hemorrhoids like I had, then you must have thought about tampons or sanitary towels as the expeditious measure. There's nothing wrong with it. I did that. But this might lead to other problems and could make things grow worse if you don't apply proper treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids themselves. In this article, I am going to discuss about this temporary measure and how to not depend on them any more.

To be perfect hones, tampons and sanity towels work in the short term. They can absorb the blood well and clean, preventing the blood from staining your underwear and even pants. That is why women use them for their periods. They can free your mind from worrying about the leakage all the time. However, you can not live on them for the remainder of your life.

It can not be denied that such measures are just temporary. If you don't employ the proper treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids, the root causes will stay there and come back to you later with worse condition. And if you are a man, buying such things as tampons will increase your sense of embarrassment, too. That is why you should try to stay away from them, forever.

Our goal is to throw the sanity towels and things like that away permanently. This can be done through adjusting your bowel habits a little bit. If you are always straining when you are in the bathroom, then you should learn to relax and wait for the stool to come down itself. This can also be done by taking a good rest everyday. If you get to bed later than 11:00 pm, then you should advance your bed time a little bit. This can be done by eating more fibrous foods which are good for the prevention of constipation. So check out your diets and get rid of the junk foods. And include more healthy foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits.

It's a good idea to use sanity towels and tampons. But your ultimate goal is getting independent on them by using the proper bleeding hemorrhoids treatment.

Source by Jem Karl