If you walk into somebody else's home, there is not an item out of place, and it is spotlessly clean, how do you react: with admiration, indifference, or discomfort? If it is that perfect, some of us may feel some discomfort, either because the house does not feel “lived in” or because we feel guilty because our own home is cluttered and untidy. Others will look around admiringly, and wonder why we cannot have such a tidy home. Most people will probably not even notice.

As with most things in life, some sort if balance is desirable to most of us. There are many advantages to having a tidy home, but it can be tidy enough for healthy living without being immaculate. Most of us want our homes to be warm and welcoming, not cold and clinical, while at the same time not making us feel depressed because it is so cluttered all the time. There is a happy balance to be found in every home.

If your home is tending towards the depressingly cluttered side, then set out to improve things by tackling one room at a time. The bathroom should be one of the easiest rooms to get tidy on a permanent basis, if you have sufficient storage space. If you do have surplus clutter, then an over toilet shelf, shelves or shelving unit will, in most cases, quickly resolve all the clutter problems there.

Toilet shelf choices are numerous, and you can normally find over toilet shelves that will match your existing bathroom décor. Shelves can be either metal or wood, in various finishes and quality to match your bathroom and budget. You may find these over toilet storage units describe alternatively as toilet etageres or bathroom spacesavers, or just as over the toilet shelves and cabinets, so be sure to check out all possibilities when searching on the internet.

You can fix a wall shelf above the toilet, if that is sufficient for your needs, but mostly people prefer the over the toilet storage units which straddle the toilet. These are easy to assemble or come ready assembled, so they are very much a “quick fix” of your bathroom toilet storage problems. A combination of cabinet and shelves is ideal.


Source by Roy Thomsitt