In simple terms, a duvet cover is a type of fabric bag or cover for a comforter. Aside from the appearance, it works like a pillowcase that is used to cover a pillow. What sets a duvet apart is that it is closed with ties, zippers or buttons.

So, what do the duvet covers do for you? Primarily, they have two functions: they provide protection against dirt, dust and sweat, which is quite important because you can't wash down comforters more than once per year. Second, duvets add to the visual elements in any bedroom in addition to serve as one of the main anchors that beautify a room.

If you are going to buy duvet covers, the two main factors that you need to take into account are fabric and style, but there are also some other important things to consider. Below we have discussed those things.

Pets or kids

From the perspective of care and durability, this is one of the most important factors. Kids and pets often climb onto beds and sofas, and they may cause damage to the fabric. Therefore, we suggest that you look for high quality, solid seams as they are difficult to tear apart. Moreover, their prints have designs that hide the stains. Besides, their accents are strong and your pets may not be able to tear and snag them by claws or paws.

Making the bed

Some people have a top sheet over the beds. If you use the “euro style” design for making your bed without using a top sheet the duvet cover and sleepers, know that you will need to do the cleaning more often. So, in this case, you will have to use a top sheet as well.

Changing the covers

How often do you intend to change the cover? If you are going to change it every six months, you can choose from a variety of materials. For instance, a flannel comforter or velvet comforter can be a good choice for winter, but it won't be a good choice for summer. Cotton blend or just cotton, on the other hand, can work throughout the year. So, this point should be in your mind when making a choice.


For a wrinkle-free look, we suggest that you give a go to acrylics or cotton-poly blends that won't show millions of wrinkles.


How are you going to take care of your duvet covers? How big is your washing machine unit? If you are going to invest in quality duvet covers, the maintenance factor is an important one to keep in mind. When buying, make sure you read the label to find out if you can wash it in a washing machine or you just need to dry clean it.

For machine washable duvets, make sure your dryer or washer is big enough for the job. If you have a small machine, you may have to turn to a Laundromat instead.

So, these are some important tips to consider when looking to buy quality duvet covers. Hope this helps.

Source by Shalini Madhav