An herbal medicine cabinet may sound foreign to most families, but its history and science dates back thousands of years. There are numerous health benefits to replacing conventional over-the-counter and prescription drugs with natural nutrients and vitamins.

1. Access to prescription-strength remedies without the need for a doctor's approval (and without side effects)

Prescription strength? You bet! Most people don't realize that you can get this type of power using an all-natural solution. But it's absolutely true. I speak from personal experience.

I took a nasty fall after we adopted our 2-year old chocolate Labrador. He pulled me down onto the cement as he took off running. My right side was not a pretty picture, with my arm taking the brunt of the fall. After cleaning my wounds as best I could (and through tears), I bandaged them up. But after two days, I noticed a pretty red line going up my arm–the sure sign of an infection.

I whipped together our tried and true “Infection Bomb” and within 4 hours, the line began to fade. After 12 hours, it was completely gone. No return of infection, no fever, and no pharmaceutical drugs.

We have used this same all-natural approach to handle ear infections, ringworm, pinworm, and even seasonal allergies.

2. Can be used effectively with every member of the family (even the furry four-legged ones!)

Using herbal blends and nutrients allows you to adjust doses easily for different members of the family. You don't need to buy separate medicines for kids, infants and adults. They all come out of the same bottles.

Over the last seven years, I have crushed countless vitamins to place in sippy cups, applesauce, and even “disguised” in peanut butter. Our kids–now old enough to feel the difference–ask for my help when they start to feel under the weather. (These remedies even taste way better than typical medicines!)

Some of these in smaller doses are also very effective with pets, though you need to do your research a little closer with which ones are beneficial and not toxic. We use natural nutrients regularly to prevent fleas, ticks, and heart worm. We have also used specific items to treat the very rare parasite in our dog.

3. Having solutions on-hand to address a myriad of issues

Because our body systems are so complex and interconnected, each nutrient, vitamin and mineral performs numerous functions within the body. (This is where the side benefits come into play.)

So when you have a cabinet full of various nutrients, you can handle not only infections and stuffy noses, but also inflammation, heart burn, growing pains, and high blood pressure, to name a few.

A huge powerhouse of health is available to families today; we just need to help educate people on this alternative.

With a little bit of coaching and the right products, any parent can become a skilled “doctor” in their own home.


Source by Bonnie Hershey