Do you dare to go leopard? That is the question that has been going around town ever since animal print came back into the fashion world! Animal print skirts, shoes, bags, etc. has been seen in just about any department store you can think of. Timid, self cautious woman have transformed into sexy, bold, confident divas. Leopard print has been used for some time now but big time Hollywood stars have walked down the runway with this bad kitty look and got everyone going gaga for it once again! To understand leopard, we must understand who the animal really is and what it stands for. This beautiful creature believe it or not is the smallest of the four “big cats” which includes tigers, lions and jaguars. But its speed, agility and ferocity makes up for its lack in size. It has relatively short legs, large skull and a long body covered with rosettes. Rosettes are the rose-like marking or formations found on the fur and skin. The rosettes are used to camouflage the animal, either as a defense mechanism or as a stalking tool. Most leopards are yellowish tan with black spots. This is the one used in the fashion world today. But there are those leopards that are born all black but even they have rosettes. This ferocious animal knows what it wants and is not afraid to get it.

Animal print on a woman is can be like the rosettes on the leopards. Woman can use it to catch her prey which is a man, and men are not complaining. Men find this style sexy and provocative. Married woman have brought back the passion to their relationships with this look. Sexy lingerie and bedding has turned up the heat in the bedroom of many. Leopard brings out the animal in both men and woman. Woman have used this sexy bedding to create the most dreamiest setting yet. Create a seductive bedroom wrapping black drapes around the poles of the bed, spread a seductive leopard duvet cover set on the bed, add a couple of gold decorative pillows and a beautiful gold dish filled with your mates favorite fruit for “dessert”. Have fun and let out the animal in both of you.

Source by Linda Aviles