If you are looking for a shower caddy you have options in the material that is used. The tow main materials are plastic and stainless steel. Both are good choices but each has different looks and strengths. When looking for metal caddies you should always avoid buying one that is not made from a stainless material because you will run into problems with rust.

The best benefit of using stainless steel is its rust proof ability. Your caddy will be covered in water every time you shower and rust can be a serious problem. Overtime it may begin to rust because stainless steel does not stop, but limits, stain, corrosion, and rust. It contains chromium that forms a passive film of chromium oxide, which limits the amount of surface corrosion protecting your metal.

With a plastic rack you may not need to worry about corrosion or rust but you can run into mildew and even mold can build up on a plastic shower caddy. The other benefit of steel is the strength; it can hold more weight than a plastic version. You also run the risk of them snapping or cracking, but due to the strength of metal you will not experience this problem.

You will find that many of the polished stainless steel shower caddies can give you very stylish look. The shiny finish gives your shower great style, sophistication, and sleekness while organizing all your bathing needs such as soap, shampoo, loofah, razor, conditioner, and washcloth. All of the different types of racks are available in the polished metal, the stand alone rack, the hanging caddy, wall mounted, and tension pole version. The spring pole or tension pole caddy may be able to by found painted in a waterproof paint.

Some of the best shower caddies are made by InterDesign, Kohler, and Simplehuman. They produce some of the only rust-proof stainless steel shower racks and caddies in the market today. They also produce some of the most stylish and elegant products on the market. Simplehuman manufactures some of the longest-lasting caddies on the market, especially their tension pole rack. No matter what you are looking for one of those companies will offer a high quality product that will serve your needs.


Source by Brandon Lucero