A couple of years ago, you would only find comforters as the only decorative bedding piece in the average home. The colors and fabric where teared and washed away after a couple of uses. Large amounts of money where spent to get poor quality in return. The comforters that where usually sold at a low price actually showed that they where brought on sale. The colors looked worn out and used. The stitching was terrible.

Washing comforters in the washer machine was impossible. Extra money had to be spent just to have the comforters dry cleaned and looking almost “new”. The years have passed and a new type of bedding has revolved. The duvet cover, which was first introduced in Europe and where found only in the richest spas and hotels of Europe. They where considered to be a luxury item and anyone that was wealthy had at least one in their home. Now this luxurious bedding piece has taken over the world.

More and more people are purchasing them and have even stopped using comforters as the decorative cover on the bed. A duvet cover, for those who still have not been blessed to own this fabulous piece, is like a big pillowcase. The comforter is placed inside of it and sealed with either snaps, buttons, zipper or ties. Sealing it prevents the comforter from slipping out. The comforter is kept safe from wear and tear. When ready to wash, you simple take off the duvet covers from the comforters and throw it in the washer machine with the other bedding pieces.

Now that you know a little about this luxurious bedding piece, we can now move one with choosing the one right one. I have seen hundreds and hundreds of duvet sets but never ever have I seen one as beautiful and exquisite as the ones from Le Vele. Le Vele has become pretty popular over the years. I am not exaggerating when I say this but just one look at a floral duvet set from Le Vele and you will fall in love. The average cost is about $90 – $135 dollars. Seems allot? Believe it or not, this is pretty cheap compared to what you are getting in return:

  • Made of 100% cotton. Cotton has always been a favorite to many because 100% cotton absorbs sweat and is very comfortable to sleep in. Cotton can be washed unlike other fabrics which have to be dry cleaned.
  • The thread counts are over 250. The thread count is affected by a number of factors, ply and thickness are the most important ones. A thread count of 100 or higher is desirable while 180 is considered ideal.
  • Satin Weaving, one of the three most important textile weaves. A weave in which the filling and warp threads intersect and gives a smooth compact surface with no distinguishable twill line. The silk weave is distinguished by its luxurious and silky appearance.
  • Made of the latest reactive dyes. Reactive dyes are the only textile colorants with the substrate on application. In other words, they provide color fastness and avoid colors to bleed or run off once washed or treated. Colors stay vibrant and new even after many washes.

Buying a Le Vele duvet bedding set will save you plenty of money in the long run. If you are worried about the price being too high, try purchasing a cheap duvet set from anyone else and you will see that you will spend more on replacing that cheap set then you would owning a high quality Le Vele piece.

Source by Linda Aviles