Some of us have a bathtub shower combination. That is, you stand in the tub and use the shower or you sit in the tub and have a bath. Others have a stand alone shower where you don't even need a bathtub in the same room and still others have a hand held attachment that they use where they can. Showers are everywhere and for everyone, so it's not surprising that there are many different kinds of shower heads available to take your blah bathroom to a spa level bathroom with hardly any effort.

If you like getting caught in the rain or would rather have a rain like shower than one that sprays water willy nilly then the rain head shower is for you. They come in different sizes and are usually square. The bigger they are the more like a rainstorm your shower will be. They let you stand there and pretend that you are outside in the rain, without the worry that your clothes and phone are getting drenched. Some models even have an air effect built in that mimics a rain storm.

Who ever said that a shower should only have one stream of water? Now you can have multiple streams of water angled at you however you wish with a body shower. Not just coming down from above, these jets can be trained on your lower back, your shoulders or anywhere else you'd like and offer a hydrotherapy dream, right in your own bathroom. Talk about relaxing.

A waterfall shower may look a bit weird at first, but the pure relaxation it brings will get you over the look pretty quickly. We are used to seeing round nozzled shower heads and for some even the rain heads with their large square shape look ‘different' so there's no wonder that a rectangular thing on your shower wall would look funny. But when you turn it on and the water really begins to fall you'll feel like you're in the tropics, even if it's winter outside the window. The heavy rush of water that isn't pokey, misty or coming at you in a jet instantly relieves tension and the continuous flow makes it that you'll never want to get out.

So for relaxation, massage, a spa like atmosphere and oh yes, the reason you're in the shower in the first place, to get clean–check out these interesting shower heads today!


Source by Amanda J Hales