Having a medicine cabinet in one's home is a very wise decision. The problem may arise when deciding what kind of cabinet to get- wooden, marble, glass? Each of course has their strong points and disadvantages that will be the basis for your choice. In most homes a mirrored medicine cabinet is visible in the bathroom. What exactly has made them to make this choice and what should you know about this kind of cabinets?


For one thing, a medicine cabinet that has a mirrored door or surface is double purpose. It serves as an ideal place for medicine, toothbrushes and shaving razors while giving you a mirror as well. You open the cabinet, get your shaving razor, close it and shave. No need to move from your position.

Then is its ability to compliment any kind of style. You don't have to do a lot of research to make sure you won't be spoiling your decor. They also are known to be a good way to give an illusion of size. They can make your tiny bathroom look bigger. Unlike wood or other materials, they give the bathroom a clean look. Their reflective surface fits bathroom fixtures well.


For those who have young children, any kind of mirrored furniture could be dangerous. Unless you place them in a place that would be out of their reach, you might want to postpone your purchase for when they are older.

Mirrored cabinets also require regular maintenance. Any fingerprint or dirt smudge will be very noticeable and would destroy the effect of the mirror. If you are one of those who doesn't really have time for cleaning, you might want to stick with plastic or wooden cabinets that aren't so demanding.

Though the advantages of having a mirrored medicine cabinet outnumber the disadvantages, you'll have to live with your choice. Take into consideration all factors before making your mind up.


Source by Charles C. Hall