Did you know that many of the modern conveniences that we take for granted in our daily lives were actually developed by NASA, the US space agency? Who would have thought! Take for instance the Outlast mattress cover. It's just a bedding accessory, after all! But yes, the truth of the matter is that this seemingly simple cover actually has its origins in high tech aeronautical technology!

So what is so special about an Outlast mattress cover? What is the difference between this and any other type of covering? Basically, to make a long story short, Outlast technology is used for temperature regulation within a specific type of fabric material. It is the same technology used to help regulate the body temperature of astronauts wearing their space suits. It helps to regulate the transfer of heat between you and your bed mattress. This is an essential part of keeping your body temperature at a comfortable level, to give you a more restful night of sleep.

The way an Outlast mattress cover works is that it takes the excess body heat that your body emanates, and it absorbs it, and literally “stores” it. And then it releases the heat on a self-regulating, as-needed basis. This provides an equal redistribution of heat across the entire mattress surface. Other types of covering use moisture control to regulate temperature. Outlast technology does not. Other covers for mattresses only go to work regulating your temperature after you have already perspired. Outlast technology goes to work for you BEFORE you perspire.

An Outlast mattress cover would make for a very sound investment for your current bedding. If you have difficulty getting a restful night of sleep at night, and you (or your partner, if you share a bed) are tossing and turning, either overheating and feeling the chills, then an Outlast mattress cover can restore equilibrium to your bedding's temperature, providing comfort for you (and your partner) while you sleep.

Source by Jessica Boyd