Your wash basin allows you to stay clean and reduce germs, but it also needs to look great. Too often, such an item is taken for granted. It may show stains, scratches, and even have faucets that are hard to turn on and off. Know your options before you buy one though and you will be glad you did. This is your chance to get something great that will stand the test of time.


For a kitchen wash basin, you may think stainless steel is the way to go. While it is very common, granite may be a better choice. It is durable and won't stain and it is so easy to clean. In fact, you can use it for both the kitchen and the bathroom. You can find items that will match your overall d├ęcor with ease. You don't need to be an interior designer to make it work.

You may have a preference when it comes to the materials for your wash basin, but make sure you are going that route for the right reasons. Don't buy what you already had just because that is what you were used to. Don't go with a cheaper item to save money and then have regrets later because you don't like the way it looks or how well it held up.


With certain materials including the granite, the wash basin is going to have unique elements. It isn't going to be all the same, due to the sources in the materials. The colours can be light and then dark. The overall lighting in that room can also influence how it is going to appear once it is installed.

You can go with basic colours too if you don't want to make it too dressy or too bold. These are great wash basin options, and blend well with anything. The common colours include white, beige, and black. You may be surprised at all of the colours to pick from though, so at least check them out before you make a final decision.


Thanks to the options for customised wash basin items, you can get just about any size you really want. Most homes will have a common size but you shouldn't' worry if yours doesn't. Talk to a specialist though to ensure your measurements are correct before you place the order for a customised one. If it doesn't fit, they are very hard to exchange or to get your money back.

This is because they will be hard for the company to sell to someone else. Put some effort into making sure the item will work well for you and it will all go smoothly. Ask plenty of questions too so you don't feel overwhelmed or like you forget something along the way before you made your final purchase.


The price range for such an item can be very different, and you need to budget for it accordingly. Get a good idea of how much the type of product you want is going to cost. Make sure you compare the prices too though, don't just buy it from the first place you see it. Keep in mind, many products can look the same but they are quite different with the materials used.

Always verify the brand, the reputation of the company, and make sure you are getting a product that will last. You want to be able to see your money go towards a wise investment, not a cheap imitation. Don't leave the purchasing to luck, verify details and ensure you feel the money you spend on it is justified.

Source by Stuart Cutler