There are many different types of kids bedding that is gender neutral, from everything such as a color scheme to characters, to animal themes. At the same time, though, there are many that are very gender specific.

Girls have many different choices for what types of kids bedding they may want. A good theme for girls that can start at an early age is princesses, and girls will usually like this one for a long time. The same goes with flowers and pastel or pinks and purples.

Boys have the equivalent in sports themes and things like camouflage. In this area, it can be one specific sport, such as football, or a more generalized theme that involves all sports. This works well, because they may change their minds on their favorite sport within a matter of months, or even weeks, and feel very adamantly about their favorite sport. Colors tend to be darker and brighter most of the time in boys' rooms, so it is usually the same, or similar, when it comes to the kids bedding choices for them.

The many gender neutral types can be such things as cartoon themes, certain animals, etc. especially when they are younger, as in babies or toddlers, it can be a lot easier to find gender neutral themes as opposed to gender specific. One of the reasons for this is that small children tend to not care quite as much about colors being a certain way and care more about characters or animals, and these all tend to be the same. This is especially true with nurseries, because so many times a person doesn't find out what the sex of the baby will be before it's born, or they do, but the sonogram is wrong, or they are concerned with it possibly being wrong. Many parents tend to go with neutral bedding so that they won't have to worry about this if it happens to them. Luckily, with babies, no one cares that a little boy's room is done in light greens and yellows, but when they get older their friends might tend to make fun of them if this were still the case.

Girls have an option that boys don't have as they get older, and this is to have a canopy bed, with the curtains hanging on the rods above. For a girl, this would seem like they have the bed of a princess, but for a boy, they would feel like they were a girl in a bed like this. There are daybeds, as well, which are typically not a boy's favorite type of bed. There are many different types of toddler beds as well, such as racecar beds, and for girls there are princess beds and more. Toddler beds are always made slightly differently than regular beds, so you will want to make sure the kids bedding is specifically made for that type of bed, as well as pick bedding to match it.

There are bunk beds of many different types that a child may have, as well. This includes the kind with a twin bed on bottom, or it could be a full size, or even a futon. Each of these bed options leads to more options in bedding for them, because there are different types of sheets, and other bedding items that are specifically made for most types of bunk beds, so that they fit better than a regular sheet would.

So, there are many things about boy kids bedding that is similar to girl kids bedding, but there are also many differences, and these are always a good thing to keep in mind when purchasing bedding for a child.


Source by Avid Amiri