Whether a guy is walking down the street, making an important presentation or unveiling his member to a new partner, the last thing he wants is an itchy penis. Serious scratching can turn a lothario into a self-conscious mess pretty quickly, which is why most men take steps to help eliminate itching. But do those steps extend to the sheets, comforters and blankets that a guy regularly sleeps with? Perhaps surprisingly, it turns out that proper penis care involves the bedding as well.

Itchy penis causes

There are many things that can cause an itchy penis. Sometimes it comes about because of a sexual encounter. A guy may pick up a yeast infection, pubic lice or an STI that is accompanied by intense itchiness.

Often, though, an itchy penis is caused by more mundane things. The occasional itch is normal. A more persistent itch may be related to hygiene issues or to an allergic reaction. And it is here that the state of one's sheets and covers can come into play.

The bedding

Think about it for a minute. If a guy gets the recommended amount of sleep, he's underneath the covers for about 8 hours every day. If he is having sex regularly at his home, the amount of time goes up a little more (or a lot more, if he's particularly lucky). Besides, many guys like to lounge around in bed when they're not sleeping, to read, work on their laptop, watch TV, etc. So when it's all added up, the amount of time with the sheets can be quite substantial.

Spending time in bed means that the sheets and covers are going to get a little dirtier each time. Many men sweat significantly when they are in a deep sleep, and that can substantially add to the “dirt factor” in the sheets. In addition, many men take showers in the morning, which means that by the time they head to bed, they are accompanied by a full day's worth of dirt and grime – and all of that can find its way into the bedding.

According to one survey, single young adult men only change their sheets every three months – but most health experts recommend doing this on a weekly basis. So it's no wonder that young guys may have a bit of a cleanliness issue in their beds.

And that issue can contribute to an itchy penis.

The itch connection

Bacteria and microorganisms accumulate in the bedsheets over time. These then get passed on to the penis, especially if a man is fond of sleeping in the nude. And since men often need to “air out” their penises to reduce unwanted penis odor, a lot of guys sleep in the buff. Whether sleeping face down, face up or on the side, this exposes the penis to a considerable amount of itch-causing substances.

Washing the sheets regularly can help to keep the penile itch at bay – but it also can exacerbate it. How? Penis skin is extremely sensitive, especially to harsh cleansers, chemicals and fragrances. Often men use laundry detergent that helps to keep the clothes clean but also adds chemicals that cause an allergic reaction, leading not only to an itchy penis but one with rashes, redness, etc.

So how to keep sheets from producing an itchy penis? Wash the bedding frequently but use a very mild cleanser – and definitely make the use of a superior penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) part of one's daily routine. Using a crème that includes a potent combination of a high-end emollient (such as Shea butter) and a natural hydrator (like vitamin E) will keep the skin nicely moisturized, reducing itchiness while soothing raw skin. It's also advisable to select a crème that contains vitamin B5, which is known to help alleviate skin issues.

Source by John Dugan