Each of us, have certain, health/ medical issues/ conditions, etc, but, how we decide to proceed, and address these, often, differs, significantly, based on, a variety of personal differences, preferences, perceptions, and needs, etc! Often, we refer to, using “normal” approaches, as Conventional Medicine, while, using other ways, may be referred to, as Alternative. However, what we, in the United States, considers, the former, may differ, from what others, in the rest, of the world, do. Our medical system, is based, on using, an approach, based on allopathy, which we consider, conventional, because, it depends, on using drugs, believed to have opposite effects, from the health condition. Other parts of the world, often use, a combination of approaches, including: allopathy; homeopathy; and, what, some refer to, as Wellness Medicine. Some prefer to seek, what they believe to be, a safer, less – intrusive approach, and, many call this way, Alternative. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, how these, might be used, to address, 4 different, health conditions, etc.

1. Aches and pains: While, some, immediately, reach – into, their medicine cabinets, when they feel, aches and pains, others, prefer using another way! For some, this is herbal, while, for others, it is reliant – upon, alternative therapies, such as relaxation therapies, therapeutic massage, acupuncture, etc.

2. Arthritic symptoms: There are many forms of arthritis, and many degrees of severity, in terms of the severity, of these! More serious cases, must be treated, with Conventional Medicines, to ensure, they do not get worse, and more debilitating! Less severe ones, can be treated, either, conventionally, or with alternative treatments! It is important to realize, that, most medications, have some potential side effects, and thus, should be weighed, on a risk/ reward basis! The purpose of this article is not, to recommend treatment, but, rather, to know your options, and proceed, with the best approach, for you!

3. Common colds: It's often said, if you treat a cold, it will go away, in about a week, and, if you don't, it will take, about seven days! Depending, on the severity of the cold, there are possibilities, in terms, of reducing discomfort, etc. Among the categories of options, is choosing, to reach, for the medicine cabinet, or using, herbal remedies, compresses, steam, etc.

4. Other ailments: Many years ago, I ran a Natural Remedies Distribution company, and, became knowledgable, of alternative treatments, and remedies, and possible, reasons, to take that path, or not! Regardless of the ailment, the wisest approach should be, to first, identify, the cause, and actual ailment, using radiographs, and consulting, with a trusted, health professional. Then, it is wise, to proceed, with an open – mind, and consider, all possibilities, and choosing wisely.

Since, each of us, have different comfort zones, etc, the more, we know, the better, we might, proceed, wisely, to enjoy, the healthiest life, possible! Will you have the open – mind, to help yourself?

Source by Richard Brody