Sunbeam electric mattress pad is one of the best choices when it comes to increasing comfort during cold winter seasons. This mattress pad produces heat and distributes it all over your mattress so you can feel warm and comfortable even without layers of blankets.

These pads are placed and fitted on top of your primary mattress. There are electric circuits inside responsible for the distribution of heat. It comes with a hand-held controller that will allow the consumers easy access to its temperature settings. But because of its electric functions, faults and failures are likely to happen.

Here is how you can fix your sunbeam electric mattress pad:

Step 1: Check the pad first if its heating performance has been compromised. The best way to do that is to fold it three times. This will let you feel the circuit inside the pad. Use your hands to check if the cord is properly connected to the module of the mattress topper. Make sure it is not loose. After checking the connection, try plugging it into the outlet. Turn it up to the highest setting. If it doesn't produce heat after a few minutes, it means something is wrong with your mattress topper. However, you might also want to check the outlet if it is working properly. Plug another appliance to the outlet and test it if it is working properly.

Step 2: The pad usually fails to produce heat when there is a power outage. You may need to restart it to test its ability to produce heat. Turn it off and unplug it. Follow Step 1 again.

Step 3: Check the plug if one of the blades are damaged or twisted. Usually, this is the cause of the problem. The blades have to be straight. Make sure the blades fit the outlet perfectly. Some people tend to jam the plug to the outlet even though it does not fit right. Call an electrician to set up a new outlet close to your bed. Make sure the fit is just right so you don't force the plug and damage the pad.

When you are not using your mattress topper, turn it off and unplug it. This will prevent the cords from deteriorating quickly. If the mattress does not heat up after seven minutes, turn it off right away. It means the cord came off from the module or the plug is not working properly.


Source by Alan Cassidy