For those looking to transform their old and tired mattress there is likely no better solution than a new mattress pad. A mattress pad is meant to be placed directly over your existing mattress and can be particularly useful for improving the feel and performance of a sub par mattress. If you've found this article it's likely that you're in the market for a pad, but just aren't sure which one is best for your individual situation. After all, there are several different types available, so choosing the best one can be somewhat difficult and time consuming. Hopefully you will be able to take away some valuable information from this article so that you can better your sleep experience in the long term.

Unfortunately, choosing a new mattress pad is not an exact science. The best pad for you will likely not be the best for someone else, since a good part of the decision has to do with personal preference. As with mattresses, some people prefer a softer mattress while others prefer something more firm; the same holds true with mattress pads. It's a good idea to take into consideration the type of mattress you prefer, as this will have some bearing on the pad you choose.

For those that prefer a softer mattress, perhaps the best option would be a memory foam mattress pad, which also happens to be one of the most popular. For those that don't already know, memory foam is constructed of visco-elastic polyurethane and other chemical products that help to give the material its subtle firmness and resiliency. Memory foam is constructed using a series of layers, with the upper most layers giving the mattress its soft feel. The material is able to retain some level of firmness through its core strength, without transferring too much to the surface. It's a truly unique material and offers a feel that cannot be duplicated using any other process. The downside is that it can often make some users feel too warm, since the material is great at holding onto body heat. The other potential downside is the cost, with most high quality memory foam pads running between $200-300 for full size coverage. It's important to realize, however, that this is still considerably less than a new mattress, which can range into the thousands of dollars.

Those looking for a less expensive option may want to consider a simple polyester filled mattress pad, which generally run under the $100 mark. Theses pads are great when you're just looking to cover a slightly uncomfortable mattress, but don't want to make a huge investment. When choosing a pad of this type, it's important that it's machine washable, since you will want to wash it frequently with the rest of your bedding. Many users report that their plush filled mattress pads make their beds feel new again, and some report that the superb comfort makes it difficult for them to get out of bed in the morning – something I've always had a problem with regardless of the mattress.

If you happen to live in a very cool climate or simply prefer to sleep on the warm side, then perhaps a heated mattress pad is the best option. When I was a child I used to love plugging in my heated mattress pad just before bedtime so that I could climb in to a toasty bed at night. Most, if not all, of these pads are adjustable and feature an auto-off function to safe on electricity. There are even some models available that will respond to changes in body and room temperature. Sunbeam has been making high quality heated mattress pads for many years and currently charges around $100 for a full sized version. These pads are a great solution for providing localized heat and don't require you to run your furnace throughout the night just to stay warm.

Source by Conrad Murphy