Wondering if buying a silk comforter is different from buying a regular comforter? Or do you find buying silk bedding is just a luxury. To help you decide whether to buy one, this article will tell you why you should buy.

Silk in previous times was only available for the people in higher position because they are said to be a luxury. But why does silk is more expensive than ordinary material? One reason is silk is very durable. It was said to be stronger than steel because silk fiber has the same diameter as to the fiber of steel. Aside from that, there are other benefits you can get from silk such as it is hypoallergenic, it can control thermal and humidity, silk is low weight, and it is breathable.

High quality silk comforters can last for 10 to 20 or even more years if it is not abused. Silk naturally repels odors, dirt, and pesky things like dust mites. Saying abused it means that it is not washed by strong detergents and by frequent laundering. Most experts recommend avoiding laundering of silk comforter unless it is absolutely necessary. In case of spilling something on it that may cause stains, the comforter should be dry cleaned only.

A long lasting silk comforter is definitely cost effective. Experts also recommend putting a duvet cover all the times to protect the comforter. Then the duvet cover should be washed regularly and kept clean, as well as the silk sheets. Duvet cover is a way for you to change your room decoration from time to time. Once you experienced the comfort of a silk comforter, you want to keep it. Also, to ensure that you get the highest quality silk comforter you should scrutinize the store on what kind of silk do the bedding were made. Mulberry silk is said to be the highest quality of silk. Because long threads in mulberry silk along with its natural tendency to adhere and bond with itself can create a fabric that is very durable and long lasting.

Source by K. J. Castro