Euro pillows are one of the very first things you notice when walking into a suite at a five star hotel, besides the complementary breath mints of course. Unlike other types of pillows, these pillows come in a specific size and shape. They form a perfect square that is 26 inches on all sides. If you are thinking of decorating your bedroom and adding new accent pieces, or simply looking forward to a more comfortable bed, these pillows should be one of your first considerations.

Head support

Does you large regular pillows that sag when you tuck your head in? The Euro provides just the right amount of comfort for heads, which makes them one of the most widely used pillows in Europe. Unlike rectangular pillows, these pillows come with a just enough down and filling to provide the right level of support for your head all throughout the night. Unlike other types of pillows, the Euro is designed to fit the head perfectly which explains the square shape that will reduce the chances of pillow filling spreading towards the ends of the pillow. Try the Pinzon Euro cushions that come with a 100 percent cotton cover. The Pinzon pillows have a 200 thread count fabric and 95 percent feather filling and 5 percent down filling to give you just the right firmness and density. These pillows are also hypoallergenic to suit even the most sensitive individuals.

Back support

For a growing number of people, the bed is no longer just another place to sleep. With the hectic schedules that most people have, the bed is quickly becoming an office of sorts as well. Whether you are wrapping up your budget proposal or finishing the novel that you have been dying to read, the Euro cushions will provide excellent back support for you in bed. Try two Euro cushions and a bolster to create just the perfect niche for you in bed. The bed rest pillow is growing in popularity, but recreating your own bed rest without having to purchase a separate bed rest pillow set is easy because of the square shape of the Euro cushions, which will allow you to easily arrange the pillows to fit your back and provide support over your entire body.

Great decorative accents

It is not just the functional aspects of the Euro cushions which have made these pillows very popular. There are plenty of shams that require Euro cushions for filling. Add a couple of these pillows on your bed and combine with great covers for an instant bedroom makeover. Even better, these pillows can be paired with other home furniture pieces such as the couch and sofa. The pillows are also very inexpensive and have ready to wash and dry covers that will go great with households filled with kids or even pets.

Stack the pillows on your headboard, or use them to contrast and complement the bedroom. Use them for back support while engaging in some night time reading, or use them for sleep. The options are many with a functional pillow such as the Euro pillow.

Source by Rachelle Lee