The southwest is a very hard place to grow plants. You have to find plants that are native to that kind of climate. There are quite a few bedding plants that will grow well in this climate. One of the ways to make certain that the plants get a good start in life is to take care of them when your are bedding them.

One of the first things you need to know about bedding plants in the southwest is that it gets hot fast there. If you are going to bed plants make it no later than February. The thing about planting in the south west is you only have a short window before the heat will make it impossible to get most plants to grow.

Even if you plant drought resistant plants they will need watering periodically. Fertilize and water large Cati at least once a month. Is you have planted Agave or Yuccas these will need water every three weeks.

Once your blooms are gone you should prune all flowing trees and shrubbery to prepare them for the next growing season. If you have Palo Verde or Mesquite you should wait until late summer or early fall to avoid them becoming over stressed during the high heat season.

Keeping a layer of mulch around the roots of all trees, flowers and shrubs. The mulch will reduce weeds, hold in the moisture and cut down on various diseases.

For best results with your vegetable garden you must harvest when they are young and tender. Now that you have an idea of what it takes to get a plant to grow in the southwest here are descriptions of some of the best plants to bed in this region.

1. Daisys are great since they can flourish in full sunlight. It is important that you water them often to keep them growing and vibrant.

2. The Tig Jim, Serrano and Jalapeno chili's are vegetables and they thrive in the hot sun. Chili's require the same care and attention you would give to tomatoes.

3. Marigolds love the sun and are especially hearty plants. They can survive the desert heat with a minimum of care. Add some colorful garden planters and garden statues to your garden to enhance the beauty of Marigold filled garden.

4. Xeriscape plants are native to the southwest and they are the easiest to care for because of their uniquely efficient use of water. This would include all cati and yuccas.

5. If you want to have a splash of color in your flowerbed the Salvia Sage. These plants are the hardiest perennials that come in such colors as red, pink, and red.

Growing plants in the southwest is a challenge. By planting the ones that are native to the area you save a lot of time and migraines. You can design a great bed with the flowers of the desert, they can provide all the green and colors you could ever want. Water, mulch and fertilizer in the appropriate amounts will make all the difference.

Source by Amy C.