A four-poster bed often evokes dreamy, romantic notions, or regal and splendid ones. With its sheer canopy that billows as it catches the breeze, it is easy to see why the canopied four-poster is a favorite with many women when it comes to choosing a bed for their master suite. The four-poster bed is also associated with a sleeping sanctuary for royalty, especially when made of solid wood and dressed up in rich, ornate bedspreads.

For the modern bachelor, a four-poster bed can be a masculine, dramatic presence in the bedroom. Even without the lacy canopies, the height and structure of modern designs make an impressive statement. Fitted with the right colors and fabrics, the bed can be a tasteful focal piece in the room.

Choosing a four poster bed

Many modern four-poster beds have sleek, straight lines and are made of black steel or rich, dark wood, making them ideal for a masculine room. If you prefer a more rustic look, a bed frame made of lighter-colored, roughly finished oak can work well too. The four posters of the bed may have a very simple, clean look, or topped off with a decorative carved finial, adding an elegant and expensive touch. The posts of a canopy four-poster bed extend higher and connect to a top frame that is typically draped with cloth.

Draping a canopy

While the more traditional decoration for a canopy four-poster bed is to drape fabric over the whole canopy, the look may come across as too heavy, or too feminine, if you have sheer drapes enclosing the bed. Instead, you may want to drape the fabric over a small portion of the frame nearest to the wall or twist the fabric around a couple of posts – you can be creative with the style. Using lightweight cotton in a neutral color will create a look that is simple, soft, and luxurious rather than frilly and delicate. Alternatively, you may choose to leave the posters uncovered and bare to highlight the clean, straight lines and bold color of the bed frame.

Using color

To create a masculine four-poster bed, the color used on the bed and in the bedroom is an important factor to consider. A black four-poster bed frame makes a strong statement. Adding a bed duvet and pillowcases in white and black completes the chic look. You can soften the room by adding wood tones in the furniture and using soft fabric for the window treatments and floor covering. Neutral colors like taupe or softer colors like robin's egg blue can be used on the walls to balance the bolder tones. Alternatively, you may want to have a black and white bedroom with pops of bright yellow or teal, for a classic and masculine feel.

For another masculine-looking option, try using rich tones like burgundy and emerald on the bed. Add an old trunk to the foot of the bed and rich antique pieces like a small desk or accent table. Add plants to balance the lines in the space.


Source by Angela Glancy