There are many types of covers for your bed.  There are duvet covers, bedspreads, comforters, down comforters and quilts.  This article will discuss the the favorite of many, the comforter.  A comforter, like the rest, is used to cover the top of your bed and hopefully provide you with some beauty and warmth.  Comforters are made from a variety of materials including satin, silk, cotton, micro-suede etc, and that is just for the outside shell.  For the filling, just like a pie, there are many different options.  You can choose from a poly fill blend, down, cotton or my favorite, shed husky fur!  Comforters also come in a variety of sizes, the same as bed sizes.  Normally the purchasing of a comforter will be with a set including pillow shams and a bed skirt. 

Make sure you measure your bed to find the right size comforter.  Comforters should fall 3/4 of the length down the sides of your bed.  Three of the sides should fall to just below the join of the mattress and box spring.  In order to measure properly, make sure you take the measurements from the join of the two up and around to the other join on the other side.  For those of you with feather top or pillow top mattresses this is especially important.  A standard queen comforter will not fit properly on a queen size bed with an extra 3 inches of material on top.  You will need to start looking at the new extended size comforters.

Unlike duvet covers, a comforter is an all in one piece.  A duvet is just a coverlet that would be used to provide protection and design to a down comforter.  The design choices are endless and a comforter can be found to fit everyone taste and design choices.  For instance, if you have a tropical design a cover with bright colors and large prints, such as flowers, would be a perfect design choice.  Or if your taste is more traditional, then a comforter with a small flower or paisley print in traditional colors would suit just fine.

Regardless of your preference for a bed cover, a comforter is always a popular and safe choice.  You get the combined power of form and function, plus you normally get an entire set when purchasing.  Buying comforters versus any other choice is much more economical when considering you get the entire set and not just one piece to add to your overall design look.

Source by Lei White