Those of us who do not have ample experience in interior design and home decorating often encounter problems when it comes to choosing the right color combination to use in our bedrooms. Most of the time, it gets too bold while at times; it ends up a little bland. Worst-case scenario is that the combination does not have a direction at all. One thing that can help you find that direction is using a base color for your room to which you can easily match any color scheme. How about a black duvet cover for your bed?

Black combines perfectly with any other color. You can easily mix-and-match furniture, rags, draperies, beddings and other items in the room with black whether or not it is plain or patterned. Black can turn any color into something luxurious yet edgy.

Match it up with white and you will get that young yet sophisticated, bachelor's haven. Splash it with shades of yellow, red and green pillows to express your fun and bubbly side. Pink and black is always a great choice for teens who want to showcase the independence in black and remain feminine at the same time. There are a lot of color schemes to choose from when matched with black depending on your personality and the motif you want to achieve with your room.

Decorating with a black duvet cover does not stop with color schemes either. You can also play with the fabric. How about accentuating your bedding with a checkered pillow or choosing a floral pattern for your black and pink duvet? These will definitely liven up a dull room. The only thing to think about is how to repeat the same look with the rest room.

So think about the overall theme or effect you want to achieve, something you feel can help you get a good night sleep. Once you have decided, choose the right fabric for your duvet. Are you more comfortable with cotton, satin, velvet or silk? It is all up to you, and of course, your budget.

Still depending on the theme, choose the right style. You may opt to choose a black duvet cover with animal patterns or settle for plain black to achieve that minimalist effect. Just make sure that the pattern you choose does not appear out of place in your room. If you go for just black, break its continuity by accentuating. You can even get a plain textured cover if you do not want it too plain. Patterns can also come with other color combination. Again, with black, it all depends on your favorite and the pre-existing color combination in your room. So for example, your beige wallpaper or carpet will match those yellow tiger patterns perfectly.

Source by Christopher Jay Jones