It seems that bunk beds are a staple furnishing in any home. They can do wonders in maximizing the floor space of a very small bedroom. The problem is, if you don't choose the right bunk bed, you may be putting your child's safety at risk. There have been a lot of reports of accidents resulting from improper set up or manufacturing of bunk beds and it always pays to be very careful in selecting one for your children.

Bunk bed ladders can hurt your child

One area of concern that we should take into consideration is in choosing bunk bed ladders. Normally, bunk beds already come with ladders. Make sure that the ladder is sturdy enough to hold your weight. A good bunk bed ladder shouldn't move around, especially if it's a permanent attachment.

Removable ladders?

The good thing about bunk beds is that you can replace the ladder for sturdier and safer ones, as in the case of movable ladders. The fact that they are detachable makes them less sturdy than the permanent ladders, but many manufacturers incorporated bolts and screws to help their ladders stay in position.

How to install

Ideally, your bunk bed ladder should be made of the same material as your bunk bed. The ladder should be installed in a position that is readily accessible. As a safety precaution, it should also be pulled out when it's not in use.

You also have to make sure that the ladder is properly attached before letting anyone climb on it. All the bolts and hooks should be in place to prevent any untoward incidents.

Source by Ilse Hagen