The birth of a baby is a joy for all especially if it is the first baby. Every baby deserves a warm welcome in to our world and needs special care and attention. There are many items that are very essential during a baby's early life. They include diapers, baby soap, baby powder, baby oil, baby blankets, baby shampoo, soft hair brush etc. Baby shower is the ideal occasion for expectant parents to get the things that their baby needs. Baby shower parties have become very common in recent years in America and the rest of the world. Parties are usually arranged by a close friend or relative of the expecting parents. Although showers are generally arranged before the baby's birth, many people conduct baby showers after the child is born.

There is no strict rule as to how a baby shower should be conducted. However, as in the case of birthday parties, baby shower parties also share some common characteristics. One of the things common among baby shower parties is that showers are usually conducted as afternoon tea parties or luncheon. The first thing to decide as part of arranging a baby shower is the time of the function. Since most people work during week days, it is better to hold the party on the weekend. The number of people to invite depends on many factors including the capacity of the venue selected to accommodate people.

Baby shower invitations let the invitees know the time and venue of the shower. Invitations have to be sent out at least two weeks before the party date. You can purchase good looking invitation cards from your nearest greeting card shop. If you don't like spending money on invitation cards, you can choose an inexpensive option like sending e-mail or making use of a website that offers free invitations. In whatever way you choose to invite your guests, remember to include the important details of the party like the date, time and venue.

It is a good idea to prepare a theme for your baby shower party in order to make it a memorable occasion. Choosing a theme will help you to decide on things like the location of the party, guests to invite, type of decorations, food and drinks etc. If the theme is mentioned in the invitation, your guests will be able to choose gifts that match your baby shower theme. For example, if you choose the diaper party, your guests will bring packages of diapers in place of other gifts. If your theme is gender based, your guests can select gifts for the baby boy or girl as the case may be.

Baby shower is a special occasion in the life of every mom and her baby. It is one of the most exiting moments that the happy mother shares with her friends and relatives.

Source by Emily Pherera