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You are not alone when it comes to wondering about where to look for baby bedding and nursery accessories. Some of your questions would most likely include the following. Where do we begin to look for crib furniture and crib bedding? What exactly do we need to buy? When should we start buying? What companies would be the best to buy from? How long have any of those companies been in business, and what is their reputation? What kind of quality and selection do they have? What kind of pricing?

New parents will go to great lengths to create the finest nursery for their newborn baby. A state of the art nursery begins with the most important piece, the baby's crib bedding. If you are first time parents, buying for a newborn baby might seem overwhelming. Often even experienced parents have a difficult time buying for their new baby. Baby crib bedding and nursery accessories are some of the first items you will want to consider. Choosing your crib bedding first is a good idea. If you decide on your crib bedding first it is a lot easier to choose the wall colors, furniture, window treatments, and baby nursery accessories. The good news is that you will have time to plan, buy, and get ready for your new little one.

Baby Basics

It's important to shop around before purchasing your baby bedding and nursery décor. Sometimes the least expensive baby bedding is not always the best. Look for quality as well as price. You will need to start with the basics for your baby's crib. Crib bedding is one of the most important elements in creating an overall look for your baby's nursery. The crib set should include a quilt, sheet, bumper, and dust ruffle.

Extra sheets are always recommended so that you will hopefully not have to do laundry every day. Be aware that most crib sheets are made to fit secure and tight on the mattress. The reason for this is safety so that the baby can't pull the sheet off and get entangled in it.

Comforters come in many different weights and sizes. Some comforters tend to be thick and heavy while others are soft and lighter in weight. Look for a comforter that is not stiff and heavy, but stylish, light weight and usable. Newborns don't need a big comforter and most likely won't use the crib comforter for several months. Remember softness counts.

Crib bumpers are used as padding to protect your baby from hitting the side and end crib rails. Bumpers are also used to create a warm and cozy place for baby to sleep. All four sides of the crib are enclosed with decorative padded bumpers for protection and to makes baby feel secure and safe.

Baby crib dust ruffles are used mostly as a decorative item to complete and dress the baby's crib. The dust ruffle coordinates with the bumper, sheet, and comforter, to bring the whole ensemble together. Dust ruffle styles will vary from gathered, flat, and box pleated to give the crib a finished look.

Baby Nursery Accessories

Now that you've considered the basics it's time to look for baby nursery accessories. Your wonderful newborn baby deserves the finest selection in his or her nursery. The room should be charming, elegant, enchanting, and of course comfortable. A room you and your little one will be spending many wonderful hours in. To decorate the nursery you will need to include items such as: diapers stackers, clothes hampers, decorator pillows, bolsters, window treatments, toy bags, lampshades, candlestick lamps, wicker shelf baskets, changing table covers, musical mobiles, decorative rugs, wall borders, and wall hanging decorations. Baby will need a changing table and changing table pad. You will need a comfortable rocker, glider, and footrest. Place a small side table near your rocker with a lamp that turns on low-to high by touch. Also include a box of tissues, breast pads, pen and paper for baby's feeding log, hand lotion, cell phone, radio CD player, bottled water, soft warm blanket, and lap nursing cushion.

What Style You Want? .

Now that you know what you need for bedding and accessories the question is what designs or styles do you like? What colors do you like? What colors are in your home? Do you want the nursery to flow with the design of your home or do you want the baby's nursery to have it's own look? Do you know if you are having a little boy or little baby girl? Do you want to decorate with neutral color, or not decorate until after the baby is born? . Today there is a big trend toward modern and retro décor. Crib bedding, furniture, and nursery accessories have come a long way. Baby nurseries can be decorated with soft and vibrant colors, geometric prints, shapes, and beautiful modern furniture. Today modern designed crib bedding and furniture can give your baby's nursery a spectacular bright and colorful look.

If modern is not what you were exactly thinking of there are several not so modern styles to choose from. Maybe you are looking to have your baby's nursery decorated in a specific theme. To name a few adorable themes we would have to include; frog, safari, jungle, ladybug, bumble bee, giraffe, sail boat, fire engine, sports, farm, cowboy, celestial, floral, tropical, pink and brown, blue and brown, and neutral colors. It's easy and have confidence that you will be able to create a distinctive, stylish, fashionable, dreamy, affordable, and beautiful nursery for you and your baby.

We Can Help

We can help you assemble all the basics you will need to complete your baby's nursery. We are available to answer your questions and to help walk you through this special time. Brandee Danielle has been in the business of manufacturing baby crib bedding and nursery accessories for over twenty seven years. We have resources available to help you create a nursery that you and your baby will love and feel comfortable in. We are known for style, high quality, and affordable nursery décor products. We offer fabric that matches all our crib bedding sets and is available for you to purchase by the yard. This is great if you would like to cover a chair, or make curtains, etc. for the baby's nursery. We also make available some custom bedding in crib, twin, full, and queen sizes. Please always feel free to call our 800 number any time that is listed on our web site. You can order directly on line or simply call us to place your order. We also offer free sample fabric swatches of all our bedding sets, just call to place your fabric swatch order, or order on the website. We sincerely hope that you have a wonderful experience setting up your baby's beautiful nursery, and cherish this very special time.


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