About every couple of years, people get tired of their old show curtains, and towels. So they trot on down to Wally World or one of the other super discounters, and purchase new items to give their bathroom a new look or just a fresh one to brighten the room up a bit. Sometimes they forget that matching area rugs will enhance their bathing area even more. With a little imagination and a few dollars, you can transform your bathroom into a princess spa with pink area rugs and pink shower curtain. Possibly a sleek minimalist look with a chrome shower curtain rod, and black area rugs.

Finding the right look is just plain fun when you are renovating the color combinations in your master bath. It is like a cheap designer high that some people get by just changing things up a bit in their home. For less than a hundred dollars, that new transformation can be had and installed in fewer than a couple of hours. One diverse option you can perform to have a one off appearance is to use wool area rugs instead of the fluffy shag rugs that you are use to seeing for the bathroom. Matching them with just the right towel with a printed design theme will make your visitors wonder how you could afford a professional decorator to come in and give you a makeover based on your salary.

Wool area rugs are naturally moisture resistant, and drain off excess water quickly. Stepping out of the shower and feeling the conditioned soft wool material on your bare feet will be a welcoming comfort each time you are getting ready in the morning. The abundance of different types of weaves, designs, and color combinations will leave you speechless when shopping for that perfect rug.

You can get carried away with your shopping on these items as they can cost a couple of hundred dollars, if not more. Luckily, for those of us on a budget, they have synthetic wool area rugs to bring the price back down to the affordable level for the average consumer.

Source by Jonny Sterling