Athletes punish their bodies on a daily basis. They perpetuate a significant degree of physical fatigue while practicing, weight training, or participating in a competitive match. A high degree of mental fatigue is also experienced. No matter what the sport, one thing remains constant: Athletes are limited by their ability to recover.

A sleep system may provide a vital competitive advantage for athletes who understand the importance of making a full recovery. Only an adjustable bed is capable of elevating the body in a manner that makes the recovery period shorter and more effective.

The first way in which an adjustable bed increases the effectiveness of the recovery period is by improving circulation. The head of the bed can be raised to a specific level desired by the owner. Sleeping with the torso elevated drastically improves circulation during the night for one main reason: The heart is held above the rest of the body. This allows the heart to circulate blood with the help of gravity. As a result, the heart is able to deliver oxygen, blood, and nutrients to the entire body with greater ease. A similar effect can be obtained simply by raising the leg portion of an adjustable bed as well. In doing so, gravity will also help the circulation of blood back to the heart. This improves overall circulation by utilizing gravity and momentum to circulate vital nutrients throughout the night.

Additionally, these move-able sleep systems reduce body pains and arthritic joint conditions. This is thanks to the “zero gravity” position that holds the body in a position of least resistance to gravity. Athletes who sleep in adjustable beds describe the feeling of the Zero Gravity position as “weightless” and serene. This position includes an incline at both the head and foot of the bed, and it consequently works to evenly distribute weight across the body. This relieves the joints, lower back, and hips of pressure that may build during the night and cause pain in the morning. An adjustable bed frame may also be equipped with a memory foam mattress to compound this effect.

Finally, adjustable beds deliver a superior quality of sleep when compared to a traditional flat mattress. An adjustable bed can be raised our lowered at the discretion of the user, creating a truly individualized sleep experience. Moreover, these beds promote healthy circulation and provide support unlike any other bed systems. Combined, these elements provide a feeling of weightless relaxation that propels one into a deep and restful sleep state. It is particularly important for athletes to get this quality of sleep, because athletes need to recharge both physically and mentally. Studies show that attaining a deep and undisturbed level of sleep cause a corresponding increase in general mental capacities like introspection, creative problem solving, and the ability to focus.

In closing, it is important to consider that a body is limited by its ability to function. In sports, athletes who can outperform other athletes are generally more successful and able to sustain a prosperous professional career. Thus, athletes must proactively invest in things that can improve their ability to outperform the competition. Many times athletes focus solely on training and nutritional supplements to accomplish this end. One cannot neglect the importance of sleep, however, and an adjustable bed is the most effective way to improve overall quality of sleep.

Source by Kimberly A Johnson