If you are looking for the signs, here we have listed 10 of them to prove that your home is a reflection of your gypsy soul.

  1. You have a no filter attitude towards colours

For you, colours express your mood. Your rooms hold myriad colours in such a way that every room celebrates a side of your vivid personality. Whether understated or bold, colours face no discrimination in your house.

  1. You own lots of plants

Plants are your best friends. You have an enviable collection of greens in almost every corner of the house.

  1. You know patterns work best with patterns

Your love for patterns and textures reflects in your decorative style. Whether it is combining a set of cushions or picture frames or simply placing two decorative objects next to each other, you can play with patterns like a pro.

  1. You have uncountable rugs, lanterns and cushions

Rugs cover most part of the floor of your house. Cushions and throws find themselves uncontrollably present on every seating area and there is no dearth of differently sized lanterns around.

  1. Minimalism is a word you cannot relate to

According to you, decor is not about organizing minimally around one centre piece. It is about introducing numerous artworks in a sweet chaotic manner without following fancy decor rules.

  1. You are in love with canopies and beaded curtains

You are definitely a devout follower of the boho decor if your bed is made like a canopy and you love to stay snuggled in. In your house, beaded curtains act as room separators or simply attend to your bohemian whims.

  1. You own interesting furniture

You never invest in the latest designs and styles of furniture. Instead, you scout around flea markets and garage sales for furniture which has an interesting history. You love to collect antique pieces, especially the hand painted, differently painted ones.

  1. Your abode is a spiritual retreat

Your house exudes a calm and soothing environment in spite of the little chaotic decor. There are fresh flowers and the rooms smell of incense.

  1. Your tapestries qualify as wall art

You have a bohemian heart if you love hanging various textured tapestries on the walls together with the other wall arts.

  1. Your bed exudes artistic grandeur

Your four poster bohemian bedding is comfortably wrapped in mandala bedding sets, completed with quilts, pillows, cushions and some rice lights, for that extra drama.

The most interesting aspect of bohemian decor is that there are no prescribed rules. You bring together a series of non-matching objects which when placed in the most chaotic way, appeals to the aesthetics and render an uniqueness in it's own.

Source by Amit Singhal