Several years ago I went to Lancaster Pennsylvania, and spent some time visiting the Amish country. It was incredible and such an interesting way of life considering our modern era. It was like a scene out of the old West where everything was perfect, quaint, well-manicured, and people on their best behavior. It wasn't like normal everyday life in America, there was something unique, interesting, intriguing, and almost magic about it all. What would it be like to live in such a way?

In many regards it would be like living in the past, in a different era, in a time when our ancestors lived, worked, and ran their farms. Have you ever wonder what it would be like? Perhaps you have wondered, but you don't actually want to go and live there for a year to find out. Yes, I understand that, it would be hard to give up your iPhone, computer, Internet, and go work the land and live the simple life. Therefore chances are you never will, most people won't, and yes a few do and they write about it later.

If you'd like to find out what it's like to live with the Amish, out in the country, almost as if you're living a scene at of a Hollywood Western movie back in the day, and there is a very good book that I own which I would like to recommend to you. The name of the book is;

“Amish Country,” by Ruth Hoover Seitz and Photographer Blair Seitz, Crescent Books – Random House, Avenel, NJ, 1995, 100 pages, ISBN: 0-517-62365-X.

In this book you will look at pictures of farm houses, horse-drawn buggies, and how children are brought up “living without the exposure to influences that would cause confusion or contradiction to their beliefs,” and how they work the land, recognize their religion, and how they get by with no TV, radio, VCR, computer, smart phone, or any of the other things that we consider a normal part of everyday life. Imagine not having a microwave, modern-day refrigerator, or even a car?

Indeed, I was so fascinated by the book, the pictures, the simplicity and hard work ethic. If you want to learn more about living with the Amish in the countryside, learn about their lifestyle and such, you should probably buy this book and have it on your bookshelf. I think you'll be impressed and you will learn a lot about the Amish people. Please consider all this and think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow