No summer is complete without the smell of meat and vegetables roasting on the grill. With this in mind, the Weber Genesis E320 propane gas grill is one of the best grills available at an affordable price and does well to maintain Weber's reputation. This quality grill is built to last and has the versatility to cook almost anything. It has three stainless steel burners which provide good heat distribution and eliminate hot and cold spots. BBQ enthusiasts can also use indirect heat to cook with the large cooking surface.

Weber Genesis E320 Grill Description

The Weber Genesis grill uses 12, 666 British Thermal Units (BTU) to supply heat to the large637 inch cooking area. There is also a 12,000 BTU standard side burner, so that an entire meal can be cooked without ever needing to turn on the stove. When it comes to getting a move on, the push button electronic ignition makes lighting the Weber Genesis Grill a snap. The unit is constructed using enameled steel, stainless steel and cast aluminum with a cabinet to store the internal propane tank. For efficiency, a double layer hood holds in heat through a double vaporization system.

Weber Genesis E320 Grill Changes

There have been several big changes to the Weber Genesis E320 gas Grill for 2011. The burners now turn on from the front to the back on the grills, and the control knobs now work differently. In addition, the control panel, heat shields and gas manifold have also been restructured to work more efficiently. There is also an extra pipe burner on the new models designed for searing temperatures. These design changes make the grill more efficient for outdoor chefs and allow them to easily use more of the cooking space.

Weber Grill E320 Grill Pros and Cons

With the new design changes, the Weber Genesis Grill is extremely heat efficient and will save money on fuel costs. It has the solid construction that Weber is known for and the durability to last for several years if properly maintained. Weber grills also come with a warranty and a support website and phone number. There are a few cons to the grill however. With the stainless steel surface, the Weber Genesis E320 must be cleaned after every cookout unlike porcelain models. There is minimal stainless steel surface area though. The knobs are also in a harder to reach far right hand location, but this is a minor complaint.

Weber Grill E320 Warranties

The Weber Genesis Grill is designed to last up to ten years and is considered the best grill for under $1000, according to consumer reports. The company stands by their product by offering a 10 year warranty on all burners and a 5 year warranty on all other parts. With a welded steel frame and porcelain covered sheet metal, this grill is meant to last. From the Weber website, Weber Genesis Grill owners can download manuals, register the grill and send an email or make a phone call to the Customer Service Support Center if help is required.

This Weber gas gill is available in the traditional propane model or a natural gas hook-up model. It comes in black, green or copper colors, with stainless handles and rear and side accent colors. In short, this grill is a workhorse designed for years of outdoor cooking and is a must have for true grilling connoisseurs.

Source by Dan Elstad