Once you experience a Vidal Sassoon hair dryer there is a chance you will never experiment with another dryer. Many people are immediately pleased with the low price tag on this line of dryers, but when they see the advanced features that are offered it seems too good to be true. Hair dryer reviews have given three of Sassoon's top dryers outstanding ratings, and for very good reason.

The Vidal Sassoon 1875 Professional Hair Dryer may look like most other cheap dryers at first glance, but with 1875 watts of power and ion technology it is guaranteed to surpass most others in the price range. Whether used in a salon or at home, it has enough power to dry any head of hair quickly. The ion feature can be turned on or off, and will prevent the drying out problem that some people face after routine hair drying.

For those that want to take the work out of getting their hair dry or setting in curls, the Vidal Sassoon Bonnet Hair Dryer steps up to the plate. After slipping the comfortable bonnet over the head, the air comes through a tube and dries the hair with no effort from the user! It has three different temperature settings, each recommended for different hair types. The ion feature works to keep more moisture in the hair, so it remains as healthy as ever. A cold shot option will set in curls with ease.

The only complaint against this dryer is that the bonnet may tear if you are not very careful with it. This is a small problem, considering the luxury of sitting back and relaxing while the dryer does all the work!

For those on the go, the Vidal Sassoon Travel Hair Dryer is a must have. It is very compact like most travel versions, but this one goes a step further with a handle that folds in. This creates a square shape which is much easier to pack than the non-folding dryers. It has all the drying power of other dryers from this manufacturer, just in smaller size that will plug in literally anywhere around the world.

Each of these dryers has their own special features that give them an esteemed place in the lower end of the hair dryer market. They offer some advanced technology as well as numerous heat and speed settings, making each one a great buy. Which one fits your life depends on your needs, but for many people one of each of these would be very useful at different times!


Source by Robin Cassidy