Used appliances can serve buyers almost as well as brand new equipment if the previous owner didn't fail to maintain them. Consumers are usually tempted to purchase new goods and there's a valid reason for that as warranties can be used. But, a good second hand buy can last just as long for half the price or maybe even more.

Some consumers put more stock into second hand purchases because appliances manufactured in the past tended to last longer. Today, most are made in countries where strict laws surrounding safety and manufacturing policies are non-existent. This is why modern appliances don't last as long as products made even only a decade ago.

For buyers looking to cut corners, used products present the only solution. And for sellers, it's a chance to make some money and see their appliances put to further use.

Tips for buyers

Buyers seeking used electronics have the responsibility of checking the condition of products. Many websites sell second hand materials as do nonprofit and charitable organizations. Neighbors holding garage sales are another good source.

Most used appliances won't have warranties but buyers should still enquire. Outside appearance matters but not as much as the inner working condition. Ask about the age of the product, how well it functioned (if buying from garage sales) and any repair work done or to be done. Replacement parts should be easy to come by in case something goes wrong.

Tips for sellers

Sell functional products. It's tempting to try to get rid of materials that are known to have problems but it would be morally wrong. If such items indeed have to be sold then make buyers aware of any faults. Remaining warranties and guaranties should also be included in the sale.

Electronic appliances that can be sold to get a good enough profit include refrigerators, washers, dryers, blenders, irons, hair curlers and cell phones. Incidentally, even certain broken products like refrigerators can still be sold for conversion into meat smokers.

There are many places to sell second hand products. Online sites are one and so are charitable organizations and places of worship. You can either place ads with them or sell appliances to them directly.

Choose places that are related to what is being sold. For example, Laundromats may allow sellers to place ads so customers can get good deals on second hand stuff. Freezers and other farm appliances, meanwhile, can be put up at feed stores where the customer base consists of farmers.

Tips for both buyers and sellers

Aside from cell phones, irons and hair curlers, other small appliances are not worth buying because they don't have a long warranty period. Likewise, sellers should refrain from selling them because they'll only receive a small amount of money. Donating them is a better idea.

Certain appliances have a better chance of being sold because the cost of brand new equipment is expensive. Major appliances like refrigerators, freezers and coolers last for years and don't need much maintenance. This quality is what makes them great purchases and sale items. And if they do break down three or four years down the line, it's not money wasted but money saved. Note: A rule of thumb is that if the cost of a used appliance is more than half the price of a new one, ditch the idea and buy the new one.

Source by Nancy N Baker