For health minded individuals concerned about toxic fumes going into their food when they cook, the Waring TCO650 toaster oven offers them a way to bake or toast without this worry.

The Internet is flooded these days with reports showing how the use of non-stick cookware can be toxic to a person's health. Most of the information is about Perflurooctanoic Acid (PFOA), which is used in the production of non-stick cookware and other common household items. Therefore, many people are naturally looking for products without these kind of materials.

However, while reports indicate that non-stick materials could be bad for our health, most toaster oven manufacturers haven't yet made any changes to the materials that they use. That is except for Waring. At this time, the Waring TCO650 is one of the only toaster ovens on the market that isn't made with non-stick materials.

Not only is it uniquely made without toxic materials, it is also one of the most favorably rated ovens as well with very little serious complaints or negative reviews. This is quite remarkable considering almost all toaster oven reviews are filled with complaints and poor reviews.

So, what makes the Waring TCO650 so special?

To begin with, it toasts and bakes really well. Most models usually do one of those well, but not both. For example, you either get a toaster oven that bakes great, but toasts slow or poorly, or you get a unit that toasts great, but bakes unevenly. The TCO650 excels at both cooking functions. Customers reported that the food is always evenly cooked and comes out just to their liking.

The oven is also digitally controlled, which helps make the results more consistent and precise. One of the biggest problems with a classic turn knob toaster oven is inconsistent cooking results. With turn dials, it is harder to produce the same results each time. The digital controls on the TCO650, however, are easy to use and produce the same results each time.

After reading that it is non toxic, cooks great, and is very well liked, you may be thinking that this unit is perfect for you. However, there is one key issue you should know that people have with it, and that is the beeping sound it makes.

The unit will beep throughout the cooking cycle, for example when it reaches set temperature or when it is finished. Most people don't mind the fact that it beeps to let them know that the food is ready, but the problem that they have with this model is the sound that it makes. Many reported that it is simply too loud for their liking and that it can be a problem if people are sleeping since the loud beeps may wake them up.

Source by Mark Jacobs Taylor