The Cuisinart Gas Grill CGT-180T is a great innovative creation. It may be compact but it certainly is a great performer. Of course, the main great feature of this grill is that it is totally portable grill and is designed to fit on to a tabletop for use. But it also provides an impressive amount of cooking space to create those wonderful barbecue flavours.

Cuisinart Barbecue Grill CGT-180T – Our Opinion:

This Cuisinart Grill has acquired some excellent reviews, all of them are at the maximum 5* rating. The features that are particularly enjoyed by users include: it is really easy to assemble, actually there is virtually no assembly required! The compactness and portability is brilliant, and although it is compact it cooks very well for a family, it heats up quickly and efficiently, gives lovely BBQ marks and flavour, and the clean-up is extremely easy.

Not everyone has the space or requirements for a big free-standing barbecue grill, so many prefer the smaller style. This tabletop gas grill will work great at home on the patio or deck, or it can be taken just about anywhere, for example, camping, to the beach, to the game, or to family and friends, there are numerous benefits and possibilities with this Cuisinart grill.

Cuisinart Gas Grill CGT-180T – Features:

This little beauty may be compact but it is still up to the job. This is because it has 145 square inches of barbecue grilling surface This will mean that it is able to cook family meals or have friends around for a BBQ get-together. For example it can cook in the region of 4 Pounds of fish, 8 hamburgers, 6 – 10 chicken breasts, or 8 steaks, so from this some really wonderful tasty meals are able to be created.

It is more efficient too, this is because uses much less gas than the big full size grills, but it still heats up very quickly, and it has a 5,500 BTU output.

The grill grates are porcelain enamel coated, there is also the spill resistant drip tray, a good size handle to carry it, and a folding base and a grill latch on the lid, and this all contributes to the convenience of having a portable grill which is a compact tabletop gas grill.

There are a range of portable grills, and tabletop gas grills to choose from, there are a range of brands, sizes, styles, colors, but the choice is down to individual tastes and preference, but it is advisable to read customer reviews on any product including the Cuisinart Gas Grill, as this will offer you an unbiased opinion on products viewed.

Source by George S Henry