The three main types of vacuum cleaners are upright vacs, backpack vacs and wide area vacuums. Tennant is one of the most innovative companies when it comes to producing vacuums correctly. Tennant offers over eight different vacuums cleaners that introduce new technologies that in turn cut down on repair costs and increase overall performance. In recent years Tennant has taken a different approach to designing vacuum cleaners by focusing on issues such as decreasing vacuum cleaner downtime by utilizing commercial parts that stand up to the rigors of commercial cleaning. One of the newest of these super tough vacuum cleaners is the Tennant V-DMU-14. This vacuum is one of the best rated vacuums for 2011 and was awarded a silver certification by the Carpet and Rug Institute.

When purchasing a vacuum cleaner the five main parts of the vacuum to look at are the tools available, the vacuum motor, the brush motor, levels of filtration and other features. These areas are crucial in the commercial cleaning industry because they can greatly affect how the vacuum cleaner performs and the levels of productivity it can achieve. It is also important to look at whether the vacuum cleaner has single or dual motors. Most residential vacuum cleaners utilize a single motor system where one motor runs both the vacuum and brush systems on the unit. By utilizing this single motor system vacuum suction can be lost because the entire system relies on one motor to power it. Most true commercial grade vacuums use a separate motor for the vacuum and brush system, in turn providing ample power to greatly reduce the suction power.

The amount and types of tools a commercial vacuum cleaner comes with are very important because productivity is the key to making money in the commercial cleaning industry. The Tennant V-DMU-14 is equipped with a plethora of tools take can help the user achieve total domination over any area that needs to be cleaned. Most vacuums come with a dust brush tool, crevice tool and extension tubes that can be added to the wand for cleaning a variety of different areas. The Tennant V-DMU-14 comes with all these tools which can easily be attached to the wand in a split second for cleaning around obstacles such as furniture and computer equipment. The best feature about this unit is the length of the extension tubes. This added length can help the user clean areas that are out of reach for most other vacuums.

Power is a very important aspect to look at when purchasing a vacuum. Most commercial grade vacuums are priced in excess of five hundred dollars which is a lot to spend on a single unit. This Tennant model exceeds most other units when it comes to this area. The motor system of this unit is broken into two separate parts. The V-DMU-14 is equipped with two motors. The vacuum motor has a super powerful 1.6 hp unit that rivals vacuum motors used on wide area super commercial units. This vacuum motor can achieve an impressive 120 cubic feet per minute of air movement and creates sixty five inches of water lift. These two impressive figures beat most industry standards even when matched against backpack vacuum cleaners which usually have the most power.

Filtration is a very important aspect to look at when buying a vacuum. Vacuum cleaner filtration systems scrub the air that is sucked through the unit, filtering out debris that can greatly improve air quality in the environment the vacuum is used in. Some environments require that high levels of filtration are used in vacuums, these include medical facilities, clean rooms and areas that house sensitive electrical equipment. This Tennant unit comes standard with HEPA filtration that can remove anything in the air that is larger that is.3 microns in size. Unlike other manufacturers Tennant goes above and beyond by also incorporating a vacuum motor exhaust filter as a final method of filtering out air particulates.

Overall this Tennant vacuum is better than most of the other units currently sold. This unit fairs well when competing against other manufacturers such as Windsor, NSS and Tornado floor equipment. Tennant has carefully engineered a machine that has all the beneficial features a commercial cleaning contractor would use and need.


Source by L. D. Harris