Simac is once again an Italian manufacturer of ice creams but has only one model in its line up. It is actually a very good one, and is our ice cream maker of choice because of the convenience that it gives. Simac also makes their machines in stainless steel, although their canister on the inside is aluminum. Only the outer drum is stainless steel. They however cost considerably less than their Italian counterparts. Their one and only model is reviewed below.

Simac Gelato

The Simac Gerato is a fully integrated ice cream maker which means that it comes with an integrated refrigeration unit. This means that there is no pre-freezing to be done. You just put in the mix, press the button and wait. The Gelato also comes with a stainless steel outer bucket and an aluminum inner canister. The only problem is that they come in only one size and that is a 1 quart capacity. This may be much smaller than even the counter-top ones, but considering that they do not need to be pre-frozen, you can always make the second batch immediately after the first if you need more.

The Gelato also comes with an automatic shut off if the batch becomes too hard, and has very easy to use controls. For a small family, this is probably the best option as it gives you enough ice cream without making you wait a day for it.

Simac has been around for a long time and makes really good gelato machines.

Source by Michelle Grant