The Logixx range of Bosch washing machines is only available in white, not silver. The same goes for the mid-range Exxcel freestanding washing machines, but there is a silver model available in the more basic, but practical Classixx range from Bosch.

The silver Classixx freestanding washing machine is the WAE2416SGB. This model has a maximum spin speed of 1200rpm and a wash load capacity of 6kg. The large drum gives A-rated wash performance for 6kg loads and the Bosch silver washer has an energy efficiency rating of A. This particular model also has A+ energy efficiency, which means that this appliance uses 10% less energy than A-class energy efficient products.

The WAE2416SGB has all the basic functions that are necessary in a washing machine and a couple of extra features. They include Bosch's 3D Aqua Spa wash system, which is designed to ensure gentle washing and optimum use of water in the drum; A rated wash performance class B rated spin performance class and a very quiet operation.

Its programmes include an express wash system that reduces washing times by around 40%, but is only really suitable for lightly to medium soiled clothes- not for the kids' gym clothes! The ‘freshen up' programme is an even lighter wash that does not use detergent, takes only 20min and reduces energy use. This programme is for clothes that are not particularly dirty, but have been worn a few times and are not as fresh as they were. The Handwash wool programme is another gentle system which runs at just 27rpm and uses a soft wash action and special spin phase to keep the wash as gentle as possible and takes the chore out of washing clothes by hand.

Another model available in the Bosch selection is the WVD2452SGB. This is a model from the Exxcel range from Bosch, which is a mid-range selection, which has all the practical features that are available in the Classixx range, but with a few added programmes and options. This model is a combined washer and dryer, not a separate washing machine so the wash capacity is lower, but it is a good option if you are looking to save space in the kitchen.

The WVD2452SGB has a spin speed of 1200-400rpm, a wash capacity of 5kg and a drying capacity of 2.5kg. This particular model is rated A for wash performance class, rated B for dry performance class, but the downside of a washer dryer as opposed to a separate washing machine or tumble dryer is that the energy efficiency is not as good as some of the separate laundry appliances and this model is rated C.

There are currently only these two washing models available in the Bosch range as most of the appliances that are available from Bosch only come with the option of white, not silver. The silver dryer available from Bosch is the WTE8430SGB, is from the Exxcel range of laundry appliances, which is the mid-range selection and is a condenser type dryer.


Source by Braeg Heneffe