Miele and Sebo are arguably the two best vacuum cleaner manufacturers and have been for a number of years. There are vacuum brands that are more popular. Oreck and Dyson are marketing wizards, showcasing there models on commercials, infomercials and in print. Eureka, Hoover and Electrolux have been around for decades and built there reputations a long time ago. They all make some pretty decent vacuum cleaners in fairness. When it comes down to who is making the best vacuum cleaners based on performance, quality and features, Sebo and Miele are at the top of the list for a number of reasons.

Cleaning Performance – Miele and Sebo both make powerful upright and canister vacuum models with powerful suction and the ability to remove debris and dust efficiently from your floor. From compact canisters to full sized upright models, both of these companies make great carpet cleaning vacuums.

Durability – Miele and Sebo both have a very low repair rate from my experience. When you sit in a vacuum cleaner shop day after day you really start to see which machines tend to require repairs more often than others. I'm not talking about running over a cord or breaking a belt. That stuff happens. I am referring to actual repairs required due to poorly designed or low quality machines. Sebo and Miele make very high quality vacuums. You will notice that neither is exactly cheap. Specific to these two brands you get what you pay for. Both brands offer very strong warranties on there products. The warranties reflect the companies confidence in there products. On rare occasion, I have witnessed a couple problems with newer machines made by both of these companies and in all instances they stood behind their warranties and the customers were properly taken care of promptly. That is not a common occurrence in the vacuum industry from my experience, especially with vacuums that were sold at retail outlets. Miele and Sebo provide outstanding service to their vacuum dealers and customers in the event that any support or help is needed.

Multi-Level Filtration – Minimizing vacuum emissions is important. The days of vacuums with dump out bags blowing dust all over the place like a crop duster operating in your home are a thing of the past. It's not healthy It seems like everybody in the industry includes some king of “special” filtering system for their vacuum. Sebo and Miele use top quality dust bags and filters in there vacuums to minimize the reintroduction of dust and debris. Some models are even advertised as being sealed. This means the vacuum is designed not to leak out emissions before they can be passed through the various levels of filtration.

Easy to use – Take a look at a canister vacuum made by Sebo or Miele. You will notice wheels underneath the base of the canister body. It is very easy to maneuver a vacuum canister that uses this style of wheel. A lot of canister vacuums have the wheels on the sides of the canister. Try pulling a vacuum with wheels on the side around. It's like a tug of war if you are trying to angle the machine over to the area you are trying to clean. Its little things like this that can make a big difference with how easy a vacuum is to use. Telescopic wands, height adjustments, suction controls, silence insulation, etc. Sebo and Miele pay attention to details in order to provide their customers with a better cleaning experience. There vacuums are very thoughtfully designed and efficient.

I grouped Miele and Sebo together for this article because they are so similar in so many ways. Which one is better? Overall they both have exceptional product lines. You can't lose when your decision comes down to which Miele or Sebo vacuum is best for your cleaning needs. The best choice for a consumer who is deciding on these two brands should come down to which machines offers the combination of features you would utilize.

You really get what you pay for with these two companies. They don't spend very much money on advertising compared to the competition. They rely heavily on independent vacuum shops for distribution and the vacuum shops are happy to carry them because they know there customers will be happy with their purchase. Last but not least, always make sure you buy a Miele or Sebo from an authorized dealer so that your warranty is valid. You probably won't need it, but better safe than sorry.

Source by Jeff Hartton