There are many reviews on Sanyo vacuums and, overall, they score very well with many consumers liking their functionality, range and competitive price. But, with so many models to choose from it can be difficult to decide on which ones are the best of the bunch. What follows are reviews on the best Sanyo vacuum cleaner in each major category.

Sanyo Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Folks love canisters because of their ease of use; they're lightweight so they can be easily carried around and when you sweep across the carpet you aren't pushing and pulling the full weight of a vacuum. They're also loved because just about all brands carry on-board tools. And, cleaning curtains and high, hard-to-get-at places is easy.

The Sanyo PowerBoy SC-Y130 offers all this and more. What I mean by more is that the hose is wire-reinforced – not the easily torn plastic variety used in so many canisters – and you get both paper bags as well as a cloth reusable one. The head has an air-driven rotating brush that can be turned on and off at the flick of a switch.

The PowerBoy is a great little vacuum, if there was any drawback with it, it would be that the brush is only 10″ wide; if you have a lot of floor space then you'd do better to look at another vacuum.

Sanyo Upright Vacuum Cleaner

I've picked the Performax SC-A115 because I feel it represents real value for money. You get a 12amp motor – this is as large as any domestic vacuum currently available. It also has on-board tools, a generous 25 foot cord, and 5-stage filtration. The brush is an adequate 12 inches in width, but what's really nice is that it has automatic carpet height adjustment – you just push it along and let it deal with the different floor surfaces! With its price tag few other manufacturers can complete – the Electrolux Aptitude can match it but it costs a little more. If you want a reasonably priced upright then take a serious look at the Sanyo Performax.

Sanyo Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

If you like the idea of bagless then you should buy cyclonic. This quite recent technical development produces suction by centrifugal force, which means power and suction that doesn't diminish even when the dust cup is almost full. The SC-H2000 is a cyclonic vacuum with big suction but with a small price tag. Its price compared to other cyclonic vacuums is what set it apart. The motor is 12amps, 30 foot power cord, true HEPA filter, a brush that's 16″ wide, large dust cup, and EdgeGrabber technology to suck up dirt right up close to the wall.

But, don't just take my word for it, reading other vacuum cleaner reviews will show just how folks like this cyclonic vacuum; just try comparing it to other brands like the Hoover WindTunnel or the Electrolux bagless vacuum cleaner to see why it's a good deal.

The above three vacuum cleaners from Sanyo, I believe, are the best on offer in their category. Each offers outstanding features, functionality and quality and at prices that are very competitive and that make them a very attractive proposition for potential buyers.

Source by Robin Cassidy