HVAC systems account for nearly half a building's energy costs. With an increased global awareness of environmental aspects and staggering energy costs, green HVAC equipment is being hailed as the ultimate solution to help reduce these bills by over 50%, and is becoming standard installations in many homes and buildings around the country. There are several ways to go green with your current HVAC setup including cleaning, maintaining or completely upgrading the system.

The most common and easiest way to make your HVAC system scream Green is to simply perform regular maintenance on the filters. A dirty air filter is the root cause for reduced air flow throughout the system, which not only results in an exhausted HVAC unit, but increased and unnecessary consumption of energy. Moreover, dust and other particles accumulated in dirty air filters may hinder the systems performance and eventually deteriorate the life of your system. Experts in the industry claim that air filters must be changed every 3-4 months or when they display high levels of dust buildup.

Checking and maintaining air flow ducts is yet another form of green upgrade, and research proves that regular upkeep can save you over 20% on your energy bills. Air flow lost to poor ducting can be saved by ensuring all the ducts in the building are properly sealed. Another green upgrade is to simply set pre-programmed temperatures for different times of the day. This can be achieved by simply installing a readily available pre-programmable thermostat, which can lead to over $200 in savings per year alone.

The last and most effective way to take your system green is to upgrade your entire HVAV system to an Energy Star certified model. These HVAC systems can save you up to 60% on your current bills as they are designed to consume energy more efficiently than traditional HVAC systems. Added advantage to installing an Energy Star certified HVAC system is the tax rebate offered by some states. The choice of Go-Green HVAC equipment in the market today is literally endless and overwhelming, but the ones listed below are hailed by the experts and for good reasons.

Eternal Hybrid Water Heaters

Deigned to suit both commercial and residential complexes, Eternal Hybrid Water Heaters feature a triple pass heat channel and self cleaning capabilities, which combined over 98% efficiency. This on demand type system is great for those who store and heat high volumes of water, as it only heats up the water that's needed at any given time. The heat changer of Eternal Hybrid Water Heaters is just another one of its many notable characteristics as it requires minimal maintenance compared to other tankless heating options.

Amana AXSC18

The Amana ASXC18 boasts a SEERS (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating of up to 18, and comes loaded with an extensive list of features to include an exceptional lifetime warranty, temperature and coil sensors, and a two speed whispering fan motor. With cooling capacities of up to 57,000 BTU, the Amana features a chlorine-free refrigerant that is designed to increase the compressors overall reliability and durability. One of the most notable features of the ASXC18 is its lifetime unit replacement warranty, which states that if any parts of the product need to be replaced, the original buyer will receive a new air conditioning system as long as they still live in the same home.

Frigidaire iQ Drive

With its quite operation, unique design and features, the Frigidaire iQ Drive has everything you need to go green with your current HVAC system. The IQ drive sports an exceptional dehumidification mode that works in the backdrop to remove extra moisture and humidity from your home or office. The best feature of the Frigidaire iQ Drive is the fact that is does nothing more than whisper, and is regarded as one of the quietist air-conditioning units in the marketplace. Best of all, the Frigidaire iQ Drive is an energy efficient and environmentally friendly unit, and uses an R-410A refrigerant, which is ozone friendly. To top it off, the Frigidaire iQ Drive arrives with an outstanding 10 year warranty, which replaces a failed compressor with a brand new unit.

A green friendly HVAC system is possibly one of the best additions to any home or office space, but finding the right one may be tough. A combination of the above tips will ensure you significantly reduce your energy bills, and subsequently contribute to an environmentally friendly environment.

Source by Yogita Soneji